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This project is aimed to build a network of tools. The tools vary from simple document conversion tools to real time advice tools. Users will be able to add new tools and interact socially with each other.


Python 3.6 and django 1.11 (make sure to use Python3.6)


Setup the virtual environment

 virtualenv venv -p PATH/to/Python3.6
 cd venv
 source bin/activate

Clone the project

git clone
cd tool
pip install -r requirements.txt

Install other dependencies

  • Installing pandoc on Ubuntu

    • Install LaTeX: sudo apt-get install texlive-full
    • Install pandoc: sudo apt-get install pandoc

Running on localhost

In change DEBUG to True. Before running the app make sure to migrate and run collectstatic

python makemigrations
python makemigrations mainapp
python migrate

python collectstatic

now run using python runserver

Extra Requirements For some Tools

  • Installing wkhtmltopdf on windows

    • by default the project contained a folder named wkhtmltopdf it will work without installations
  • Installing wkhtmltopdf on linux

    • you could download a version from here after that replace the folder wkhtmltopdf with your wkhtmltopdf folder you need to have an executable file inside the bin folder so take care

Getting A Tool Running

This is a general overview of getting a tool running

  1. If there is no admin user, create one using python createsuperuser
  2. Start the development server using python runserver
  3. Go to and log in with the superuser credentials
  4. Add a new user to the database from the admin panel
  5. To get a new tool up and running, add its details to the database using the add tool option.
  6. The details of the tool can be found in the tools_data.csv file. Details like the description can be left blank.
  7. Once the tool is saved, it can be accessed from


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