Data Cube Builder is a tool for transformation of data sources in non RDF formats to RDF Data Cube.
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OGI tools "Linux syntax"

Cloning OGI tools

$git clone ogi-cubebuilder

//You may need to install git -> $sudo apt-get install git

$sudo chmod 777 -R ogi

$cd ogi-cubebuilder/

$git checkout test

Download and Run Fuseki Server

Use instructions at: 

(just change the tar.gz locations to):

$mkdir {user.dir}/jena-fuseki-1.0.0/LinkedcubeSpace

$sudo screen -S cubeserver ./fuseki-server --port=8080 --update --loc=LinkedcubeSpace /ds 

$curl http://localhost:8080

$cd ogi-cubebuilder/src/main/resources/

$nano (add fuseki port of your choice) // to be deleted when json cube API works

Download tarql service as library

$cd {base.dir}/ogi-cubebuilder/src/main/resources/lib/

$wget --no-check-certificate '' -O tarql-1.0a.jar

$wget --no-check-certificate '' -O tarql-1.0a-javadoc.jar

$cd {base.dir}/ogi-cubebuilder/ 

$mvn install:install-file -Dfile=src/main/resources/lib/tarql-1.0a.jar -DgroupId=org.deri.tarql -DartifactId=tarql -Dversion=1.0a -Dpackaging=jar

$mvn install:install-file -Dfile=src/main/resources/lib/tarql-1.0a-javadoc.jar -DgroupId=org.deri.tarql -DartifactId=tarqldoc -Dversion=1.0a -Dpackaging=jar

$mvn clean install

Clone, Configure, build and run jsonCubeAPI service

$cd {base.dir}/

$clone .............................. ogi-api

$cd ogi-api/resources/

$nano config.prop (Set fuseki/SPARQL server URL, ex: http://localhost:8080/ds/query) 

$cd ogi-api/

$mvn package

add to tomcat server, or run using jetty server

OGI Desktop UI

1- Run OGI UI:

$cd {base.dir}/ogi

$mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="--run:desktop"

OGI Command Line UI

2- Run OGI CMD:

$cd {base.dir}/ogi-cubebuilder

$mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="--run:cmd -csv:/../../??.csv -schema:?? -format:?? -qb:/../../??.ttl -qbN:??"

- Usage: OGI EU [options]
    --csvFilePath, -csv
       CSV input file Location and name
    --dimOrMeasures, -l
       Customized Dim and Measures are Not Available at this stage
    --help, -help, -h
       Default: false
    --marineDatasetName, -schema
       Data Set Schema Currently Supporting (IWaveBNetwork30Min, IMI_EATL_WAVE,
       IrishNationalTideGaugeNetwork and IWBNetwork)
    --qbFileName, -qbN
       Cube output file Location and name
    --qbPath, -qb
       Cube output file Location and name
    --run, -r
       Which main class to Run!
    --serialization, -format
       Output Cube RDF serlization format (turtle or ntriples)
       Default: turtle

OGI Web Service API

3- Run OGI Web Service API:

$cd {base.dir}/ogi-cubebuilder

$mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="--run:webservice"

Available gates:

> curl http://localhost:4567/

cube builder:

> curl http://localhost:4567/cubeBuilderAPI/cubeBuilderArgs?csv=inputFileNameAndLocation&schema=marineInstituteDatasetId&serialization=turtle&qbPath=outputFileLocation&qbName=outputFileName

listing available cubes

> curl http://localhost:4567/cubeQueryingAPI/listLqbs?limit=numberOfRetrievedRecords

retrieve cube metadata

> curl http://localhost:4567/cubeQueryingAPI/LqbMeta?dsuri=marineInstituteDatasetURI

retrieve data of certain cube

>curl http://localhost:4567/cubeQueryingAPI/listdataofLqb?dsuri=marineInstituteDatasetURI&limit=numberOfRetrievedRecords

sparql endpoint

>curl http://localhost:4567/cubeQueryingAPI/cubeQueryingArgs?query=sparqlQueryToExecuteAgainstLinkedCubeSpace


Download example csv file

$cd {base.dir}/ogi-cubebuilder/src/main/resources/

$mkdir data output

$cd {base.dir}/ogi-cubebuilder/src/main/resources/data

$wget --no-check-certificate '' -O IWBNetwork.csv

$cd {base.dir}/ogi-cubebuilder/

Build Linked Cube

A- Using Command Line UI
	$mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="-run:cmd -csv:src/main/resources/data/IWBNetwork.csv -schema:IWBNetwork -format:turtle -qb:src/main/resources/output/ -qbN:IWBNetwork.ttl"

B- Using Web Service API

	$mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="-run:webservice"

From web browser:

> http://localhost:4567/cubeBuilderAPI/cubeBuilderArgs?csv=src/main/resources/data/IWBNetwork.csv&schema=IWBNetwork&serialization=turtle&qbPath=src/main/resources/output/&qbName=IWBNetwork.ttl

Load Linked Cube to Running fuseki server from cmd

$cd {fuseki.dir}

$wget --no-check-certificate ''-O IWBNetwork.ttl

$./s-put http://localhost:8080/ds/data default IWBNetwork.ttl

in case java 8 is not installed

incase mvn 3.3.9 not installed