@vladak vladak released this Apr 8, 2014 · 1397 commits to master since this release

This is the first release done on Github since opensolaris.org was discontinued.

New features:

  • JDK7 + tomcat7 tested, JDK6 unsupported!
  • lucene 4.7.1 -> A LOT faster engine, no spellindex needed, regexp search supported (see help)
  • pl/sql, scala, uuencode languages/analyzers support
  • php analyzers improved
  • monotone, mercurial SCM support improved
  • AccuRev SCM added to supported SCMs
  • Surround SCM added to supported SCMs
  • new config options in OpenGrok script
  • new search by analyzer/language
  • full history tracking for files renamed in Mercurial repository (disabled by default)
  • small UI enhancements
  • a lot of history cache fixes and tunables
  • clearHistory history cleanup command
  • better developer support, added automated travis builds for pull request + sonar

Errata: (use 0.12.1 which contains the fixes)

  • file based incremental history reindex broken - see #818
  • tags broken on incremental reindex - see #819