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Announcement blogpost:

Release Notes:

  • 3Glasses D3 support provided first-party by 3Glasses themselves!

  • Oculus CV1 support (rotational).

  • Windows Mixed Reality HMD support (rotational).

  • NOLO support (positional, rotational, controllers)

  • HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro support (rotational)

  • Deepoon E2 support.

  • GearVR Gen1 support for PC access to IMU.

  • Controller API.

  • Improved OpenGL example using SDL2 and more debugging functions.

  • Device class flags for checking the features of a driver for better identification.

  • Meson build system.

  • More accurate Oculus DK1 IMU.

  • Various Android driver fixes for 'cardboard' style use

  • Universal OpenGL 2.1 (GLSL 120) lens correction shader by James Sarrett (
    Uses PanoTools lens distortion model.

    • OpenGL 3.0 (GLSL 330) version by Bastiaan Olij.
    • GLES2 (GLSL ES 100) version by magestik.
  • Various bugfixes to drivers, build systems and documentation.

Disabled for this release:

  • PSVR Support.
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