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Releases: OpenHV/OpenHV


01 Apr 16:16
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20240401 Pre-release
  • Fixed start cash 💵 in fire watch 🚒 mission.
  • Fixed rendering glitches with mothership.
  • Fixed not all unit production buildings allowing power down.
  • Fixed not all helicopters being able to automatically target other aircraft.
  • Fixed miners not deploying when blocked by actors.
  • Fixed scrap blocking miners from deploying at resource nodes.
  • Fixed capturing base building unlocking the whole tech tree.
  • Fixed teleport network not disabling when powered down.
  • Fixed empty storage indicator and replaced it with estimated income.
  • Fixed the build menu not appearing when main base is lost and builder not selected.
  • Fixed broken sand/grass/snow to tech tile transitions.
  • Fixed tankers entering enemy resource towers.
  • Added the 3 x 3 = 9 map remake.
  • Added new 8 player map Rain in the Fight.
  • Added new map Diminishing Results replacing Diminishing Returns.
  • Added new map Meiotic Division.
  • Added more street lamps. 💡
  • Added chat history support.
  • Added a no build zone 🚧 around all resource extractors to prevent blocking.
  • Added shadows to intelligent land mines.
  • Added shadows to gold balls that miners drop when destroyed.
  • Added shadow to scrap that vehicles drop when destroyed.
  • Added shadows to resource icons.
  • Added Yuruki ore purifier to match Synapol ore smelter.
  • Added new orbital railgun strike artwork and effects.
  • Added shadows below high bridges.
  • Balancing changes:
    • Capturable resource extractors generate less funds. 📉
    • Televators now only require radars instead of tech centers.
    • Both factions now have ore refiners. Increased cost a bit.
    • Broker pod is no longer trainable. 🏦
    • Rocket pod moved to Synapol and increased firing rate.
    • Mortar pod moved to Synapol and reduced cost slightly.
    • Sniper and flame pod can't detect cloaked units anymore.
    • Mortar and flame pod no longer explode violently when killed.
    • Technician can detect cloaked units and repair pods.
    • Synapol elite pod is now available to all factions and increased cost.
    • Bomber pod moved from Synapol to Yuruki.
    • Electric pod now mirrors the rocket pod for Yuruki.
    • Rebalanced Howitzer and Shield.
    • Increased line of sight for walls and gates.
    • Changed weapons for aircraft.
    • Removed auto targeting for transport airplanes and widened attack range.
    • Swapped bike and buggy factions and buffed stats.
    • Swapped countermeasure and hacker tank.
    • Increased costs for stealth tanks.
    • Removed attacking from inside transport tank.
    • Rebalanced missile tank and stealth tank.
    • Changed Yuruki assault tank projectile sprite.
    • Increased damage to bomber pod against fortification.
    • Rebalanced ships and increased their line of sights.
    • Increased costs for advanced and artillery boats.
    • Allow recon tank to detect underwater units as well.
    • Increased natural resource deposits.
    • Traders can now order builders and bike/buggy.
    • Aircraft repair on trade platform is possible now.
    • Disabled gates/walls on bot matches. 🤖

Based upon an development version of @OpenRA.


25 Nov 17:57
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20231125 Pre-release
  • Removed screen shake from drop pod explosions.
  • Fixed AI not building ore smelters in late game.
  • Fixed AI training too few broker pods in late game.
  • Fixed submarines being unable to target mine layers.
  • Fixed missile sub being unable to target structures under fog.
  • Fixed AI building tech buildings too early.
  • Fixed force field overlay being too bright.
  • Fixed Crater Defense breaches not getting displayed correctly.
  • Fixed stone cliffs being traversable.
  • Fixed smoke emitter for aircraft.
  • Fixed elite pod not targeting air actors.
  • Fixed different resource types showing the same tooltip.
  • Fixed weapon circle range for bunker.
  • Fixed miners not deploying when blocked by friendlies.
  • Fixed unloading a vehicle from transport aircraft using the wrong cursor.
  • Fixed air transport vehicle and pods conflicting.
  • Fixed wrong palette for harbor shadows.
  • Fixed Fire Watch mission not ending when all fires are out.
  • Fixed map background leaking through UI edges.
  • Fixed shore and dirt tiles not displaying hit effects.
  • Fixed grass shore tiles being not aligned correctly.
  • Fixed faction images for storage buildings.
  • Fixed Z offsets for mines.
  • Added water trails to submarines.
  • Added shadows, centerpieces, corner and damage variants to high walls.
  • Added sparks effect for actors targeted midair.
  • Added twinkle ✨ effects for resources.
  • Added explored map as new default for skirmish and multiplayer.
  • Added transformation sounds for miners.
  • Added upscaled sounds for the radar.
  • Added extra silo sprites for miner building.
  • Added an audio notification on building capture.
  • Added shooting animation for lightning tank.
  • Added new map Deliquescence by @SiegeSpud.
  • Added lights and details to Doubles, Tournament Island, Sandy Shores, Tomb Raiders, Mount Brosnan, Harbor.
  • Added a remastered version of map Crescendo.
  • Added new crates as decorational props.
  • Added reloading sound for minelayers.
  • Added a new explosion sound for land and water mines.
  • Added big water splash artwork to water mines when they explode.
  • Added crane props.
  • Added electric pod. ⚡
  • Added high lamp post prop. 💡
  • Removed pods ejecting on sell on Crater Defense.
  • Removed terrain light source as they reveal starting positions.
  • Removed WIP artwork mothership.
  • Removed manual submerging for submarines.
  • Changed lightning effect projectile.
  • Changed railgun tank artwork.
  • Changed checkbox artwork. ☑️
  • Changed the layout for in-game encyclopedia. 📖
  • Changed IRC in multiplayer lobbies to automatically connect. 💬
  • Changed names to avoid confusion:
    • Hacker pods to Broker 📈 pods as there is already a Hacker tank. ⌨️
    • Tech Reconstructor to Nano Reconstructor as it heals everything.
    • Mine to AI Mine as they only trigger on enemies now.
  • Changed balancing:
    • Increased storage hit points.
    • Increased harbor and starport energy 🔌 requirement.
    • Reduced reload delay, increased speed, removed inaccuracy from Synapol's AA tank.
    • Increased Synapol's AA Turret reload delay.
    • Mothership base is now indestructible.
    • Decreased charge up time for orbital railgun.
    • Bomber pod is now Synapol exclusive.
    • Reduced hit points of Ramp Buggy and Gatling Bike.
    • Increased Ramp Buggy and Gatling Bike weapon's effectiveness.
    • Increased Gatling Bike's moving and turn speed.

Based upon an unstable version of @OpenRA.


17 Sep 14:40
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  • Added new production queue for unarmed utility vehicles.
  • Added a new load screen based on original artwork.
  • Added a larger auto target radius for the bomber pod.
  • Added AI subroutines for using the bomber pod.
  • Added sand to dirt auto-tiling.
  • Added new health bar UI elements.
  • Added new artwork for the repairing indicator.
  • Added mine deployment animation for ground mine layer.
  • Added electric pad decorational prop for tech tiles.
  • Added player color land mines to match water ones.
  • Added small crate props to the editor.
  • Added civilian structure props to the editor.
  • Fixed aircraft chain gun attacking aircraft but dealing no damage.
  • Fixed water trails spawning on beach tiles.
  • Fixed missing large snow cliff shadow corner tile.
  • Fixed selectable bounds and hit shape for pods.
  • Fixed missing crosshair indicators for pods.
  • Fixed button UI panel borders.
  • Fixed Synapol generator, trade platform, tech center, field generator, storage not showing up in map editor.
  • Fixed wrong dimensions for support power icons causing blurriness.
  • Fixed hitshapes for civilian buildings.
  • Fixed wrong offset for damaged lightning tower shadow.
  • Changed naval transport so that it can hold two vehicles.
  • Changed naval transport to also travel ice water transition tiles.
  • Changed land minelayer to the same stats as the naval one.
  • Changed main base to be more durable.
  • Changed main base and outpost lights to shine wider.
  • Changed civilian props to not use player colors.
  • Removed money transport from single-player missions.
  • Removed the ability to load huge vehicles into naval transporters.

Based on an upcoming release of @OpenRA.


20 Aug 18:06
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20230820 Pre-release
  • Added a load screen stripe 🚧 and added back the logo.
  • Added new map Tyrian Sun. 🌇
  • Added a timer for orbital railgun strikes. ⌚
  • Added new map Octaflake. ❄️
  • Added terrain type overlay to the dropdown and added a hotkey to the editor.
  • Added a deploy animation to the water mine layer.
  • Added overhauled glyphs to UI and revamped menu artwork.
  • Added new per faction water mine layer and reload animation.
  • Added new cursors to match the new side bar.
  • Added auto tiling from sand to grass.
  • Added a new build queue for light and support vehicles.
  • Added a money transport to give funds to allies. 💸
  • Fixed a crash when starting mission Firewatch. 🚒
  • Fixed firefighters idling when there is fire around them. 🧑‍🚒
  • Fixed CTRL + S hotkey in the editor.
  • Fixed wrong terrain type for an ice cliff edge tile.
  • Fixed bot power down decision being inconsistent after game load.
  • Fixed wrong tile category for oceanic 🌊 and sand 🏝️ tiles.
  • Fixed bots not building water mine layers.
  • Fixed bots not using transport tanks.
  • Fixed bots not building snipers.
  • Fixed ground units auto targetting aircraft.
  • Fixed blurry icons in the build palette. 👓

Based on a development version of @OpenRA.


17 Jul 18:52
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20230717 Pre-release
  • Fixed 🍫 @chocolatey packages sometimes not getting uploaded.
  • Fixed pre-releases not getting announced in-game.
  • Fixed map Fire Souls 🔥 not distributing resource fields evenly and added more details.
  • Fixed a desync when spawning miners. 🚨
  • Added new map "Soapovidl"
  • Added Warbone II to replace Warbone
  • Changed Hacker Tank ⌨️
    • It can now hack enemy units, so they fight on your side for some time.
    • The ability to hack missiles has been removed.
  • All sprites have been recompressed for faster load times. ⏳

Based on a development version of @OpenRA.


18 Jun 19:22
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20230618 Pre-release
  • Added new towers for Crater Defense mission and added more enemies.
  • Added a default radar for all mini-game missions.
  • Added a toggle to Hacker Tank shrouding to avoid information leaks.
  • Added smoke instead of sparks to damaged aircraft.
  • Added a duplicate unit cube. 🧊
  • Added mine layer boat. 🛥️
  • Fixed miner not spawning on a teleport pad.
  • Fixed resource storage overlapping with other buildings.
  • Fixed overlapping issues with the power generator. 🔌
  • Fixed selling base displays a pad rollout animation instead of reversing.
  • Fixed compilation with @mono.
  • Fixed bots not using building variants.
  • Rebalanced transport copter and dropship:
    • Increased speed a bit.
    • More passengers are allowed in.
  • Rebalanced Bomber Pod: 💣
    • It can now attack all ground units.
    • Hitting a building won't instantly destroy it.
    • To compensate, speed and hit points were increased.

Based on a development version of @OpenRA


16 Apr 15:23
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  • Fixed game objective not accounting for enemy mining towers in Itrium.
  • Fixed Ramp Buggy being buildable in early missions.
  • Fixed a crash in actor stats export used for balancing.
  • Fixed the make install-man rule on Unix platforms.
  • Fixed system library configuration on Unix platforms.
  • Fixed selection priorities of builders, miners and tankers.
  • Fixed storage using up too much excess footprint.
  • Fixed server list showing the wrong game.
  • Fixed remap of bomber pod being too subtle.
  • Fixed offset for the ore smelter.
  • Fixed mining towers spawning tankers when there is no storage.
  • Added back icons for pods in the build palette.
  • Added the Another Beautiful Winter Remake replacing the original.
  • Added support for cloud spawners in the map editor.
  • Added the gatling bike as anti-pod vehicle.
  • Added the buggy as anti-pod vehicle counterpart removing its bombing ability.
  • Added an in-game Encyclopedia describing buildings.
  • Added an in-game global chat connected to IRC/Discord/Matrix.
  • Added more features to the dedicated server launch script.
  • Increased speed of rocket pod projectile.
  • Decreased weapon reload time for rocket pod.
  • Removed power generator prerequisite from the tech tree.

Based on an unreleased hotfix of @OpenRA.


05 Mar 14:55
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This marks the second stable release, spanning a development period of almost 2 years with 23 pre-releases worth of changes. Thanks to everyone who participated in making this happen.

Last-minute changes include:

  • Added 3 player map Turncoat Trail by @SiegeSpud.
  • Added more transient text notifications.

Based upon a stable version of @OpenRA.


12 Feb 11:40
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20230212 Pre-release
  • Added Ramp Buggy (Yuruki) to mirror Bomber Pod (Synapol)
  • Added Sniper exclusivity for Synapol.
  • Added Elite pod exclusivity for Yuruki.
  • Added soundtrack Empty Streets by Tim Beek.
  • Fixed UI calling infantry scouts instead of pods.
  • Fixed the order of the pods build palette.
  • Fixed a glitch when selling the pod assembly.
  • Fixed Ore Smelter not disappearing when sold.
  • Fixed Windows uninstall not removing the registry entry.
  • Fixed master server icon due to new website URL.
  • Removed Python dependency for build scripts.

Based on a pre-release version of @OpenRA.


28 Dec 13:11
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20221228 Pre-release
  • Fixed builders built by a Synapol player deploying into Yuruki outpost.
  • Fixed a crash when joystick dragging into top right.
  • Fixed power plants and starport getting ignored by AI when attacked.
  • Fixed AI not assigning all boats and submarines to naval squads.
  • Fixed fire brigade not exiting the fire department.
  • Fixed fire brigade showing a construction ring.
  • Fixed target line color of firefighter pods. 🟦
  • Fixed support powers charging when radars are disabled.
  • Added a naval transporter.
  • Added bot support to the mine layer.
  • Added native support for Apple Silicon (dropped support for macOS < 10.11)
  • Rebalanced aircraft
    • Rocket/Blasters are now hit-and-run with some reload time in between.
    • Chain guns are now even more anti infantry, with less damage against everything else.
    • Helicopters and planes better match up the damage despite planes circling.

Based on a pre-release version of @OpenRA.