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OpenHantek6022 is a DSO software for Hantek USB digital signal oscilloscopes 6022BE / BL. Development OS is Linux, but I got the feedback that the program also works under MacOSX and Windows.
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OpenHantek6022 is a free software for Hantek and compatible (Voltcraft/Darkwire/Protek/Acetech) USB digital signal oscilloscopes. It was initially developed by David Gräff and others on After David stopped maintaining the programm I cloned the repo to provide updates - only for Hantek 6022BE/BL.

Image of main window on linux

  • Supported devices: Hantek 6022BE and 6022BL as well as compatible scopes (e.g. Voltcraft DSO-2020).
  • Fully supported operating system: Linux (developed under debian stable).
  • Other operating systems builds: Windows (partly tested) & MacOSX (untested).
  • Uses free open source firmware, no longer dependent on nonfree Hantek firmware.
  • Extensive User Manual with technical specs and schematics.


  • Voltage and Spectrum view for all device supported chanels.
  • CH1 and CH2 name becomes red when input is clipped (bottom left).
  • Checkbox for X10 probes.
  • Measure and display Vpp, RMS, DC (average), AC (rms) and AC as dB values as well as frequency of active channels.
  • Math channel modes: Ch1+Ch2, Ch1-Ch2, Ch2-Ch1, Ch1*Ch2 and AC part of Ch1 or Ch2.
  • Time base 100 ms/div .. 10 ns/div.
  • Sample rates 100, 200, 500 kS/s, 1, 2, 5, 10, 12, 15, 24, 30 MS/s.
  • Downsampling (up to 100x) increases solution and SNR.
  • Downsampling sample rates 10, 20, 50 kS/s.
  • Calibration output square wave signal frequency can be selected between 50 Hz .. 100 kHz in 1/2/5 steps.
  • Trigger modes: Normal, Auto and Single with green/red status display (top left).
  • Calibration values loaded from eeprom or a model configuration file.
  • Calibration program to create these values automatically.
  • Digital phosphor effect to notice even short spikes.
  • A zoom view with a freely selectable range.
  • Cursor measurement function for voltage, time, amplitude and frequency.
  • Export to CSV, JPG, PNG or print the graphs.
  • Freely configurable colors.
  • The dock views on the main window can be customized by dragging them around and stacking them. This allows a minimum window size of 640*480 for old workstation computers.
  • All settings can be saved to a configuration file and loaded again.

Install prebuilt binary

Building OpenHantek from source

You need the following software, to build OpenHantek from source:

We have build instructions available for Linux, Apple MacOSX and Microsoft Windows.

Run OpenHantek

With the original OpenHantek version you needed an OpenGL 3.2+ or OpenGL ES 2.0+ capable graphics hardware. OpenHantek6022 runs also on legacy HW/SW (OpenGL 2.1+ or OpenGL ES 1.2+) with the patch coozoo@01b42d3 OpenGL is preferred, if available. Overwrite this behaviour by starting OpenHantek from the command line like this: OpenHantek --useGLES.

USB access for the device is required:

  • As seen on the Microsoft Windows build instructions page, you have to assign an usb driver to the device. The original Hantek driver doesn't work.
  • On Linux, you need to copy the file firmware/60-hantek.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/ or /lib/udev/rules.d/ and replug your device.


The scope doesn't store the firmware permanently in flash or eeprom, it must be uploaded after each power-up and is kept in ram 'til power-down. If the scope was used with a different software (old openhantek, sigrok or the windows software) the scope must be unplugged and replugged one-time before using it with OpenHantek6022 to enable the automatic loading of the correct firmware. The top line of the program must display the correct firmware version (FW0202).

Specifications, features, limitations and developer documentation

Please refer to the specifications, features, limitations and the developer documentation pages.


We welcome any reported Github Issue if you have a problem with this software. Send us a pull request for enhancements and fixes. Some random notes:

Other DSO open source software

Other related software

  • HScope for Android A one-channel basic version is available free of charge (with in-app purchases).
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