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English Language Pack - OpenIV 3.0 (ver 300)
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GooD-NTS committed Apr 30, 2018
1 parent aa88115 commit e4d21dd
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Showing 12 changed files with 117 additions and 37 deletions.
14 changes: 12 additions & 2 deletions OpenIV/Resources/Languages/en_GB/AboutWindow.xml
Expand Up @@ -6,12 +6,22 @@
<string name="VERSION_LABEL_3">Version %D.%D.%D (Build %D; Date %S)</string>
<string name="THE_TEAM">The team</string>
<string name="THIRD_PARTY">Third party</string>
<string name="THIRD_PARTY_LINE_1">This application uses some parts</string>
<string name="THIRD_PARTY_LINE_2">which provided by third party.</string>
<string name="THIRD_PARTY_LINE">This application uses some parts which provided by third party.</string>
<string name="THANKS_TO">Thanks to</string>
<string name="ALPHABETICALLY">(alphabetically)</string>
<string name="SPECIAL_THANKS_TO">Special thanks to</string>
<string name="LICENSE_TERMS">The Software License Terms</string>
<string name="LOCALIZATION">Localization contributors</string>
<string name="DEBUG_INFO">Debug information</string>
<string name="CLIENT_ID">Client Id</string>

<!-- Community Dialog -->
<string name="JOIN_COMMUNITY">Join $AppName$ community</string>
<string name="JOIN_DISCUSSION">Join $AppName$ discussion</string>
<string name="SUPPORT_DONATE">Support $AppName$</string>
<string name="WELCOME_TO_VER">Welcome to %S</string>
<string name="WATCH_THE_VIDEO">Would you like to watch a video about changes in this version?</string>
<string name="VIDEO_NOTE">You might see an ad before or during video playback. By watching this video, you will support $AppName$.</string>
<string name="NO_THANKS">No thanks</string>
38 changes: 36 additions & 2 deletions OpenIV/Resources/Languages/en_GB/Description.xml
Expand Up @@ -24,22 +24,28 @@
<type Name="Metadata (PSO/RSC)">


<type Name="Particle effect">
<type Name="Waypoint record">
<type Name="JavaScript Object Notation">
Expand All @@ -48,11 +54,13 @@
<type Name="Definition Entries (PSO/RSC)">
<type Name="Name table">
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -130,156 +138,182 @@
<type Name="String table">
<type Name="Texture resource">
<type Name="Action tracks">
<type Name="Nav mesh">
<type Name="Sector info">
<type Name="Volume data">
<type Name="Terrain collision">
<type Name="Texture dictionary">
<type Name="Animation dictionary">
<type Name="Collision dictionary">
<type Name="Drawable dictionary">
<type Name="Drawable object">
<type Name="Fragment object">
<type Name="HTML object">
<type Name="Static collision">
<type Name="Nav mesh">
<type Name="Blendshapes">
<type Name="Particle effects library">
<type Name="Vehicles records">
<type Name="Ped records">
<type Name="Path node">
<type Name="Clip dictionary">
<type Name="Expressions dictionary">
<type Name="Blendshapes dictionary">
<type Name="Cloth dictionary">
<type Name="Animation resource">
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Binary file modified OpenIV/Resources/Languages/en_GB/EULA.rtf
Binary file not shown.
7 changes: 6 additions & 1 deletion OpenIV/Resources/Languages/en_GB/Features.xml
Expand Up @@ -107,7 +107,6 @@

<openFormatsValidatorWindow Caption='openFormats validator - $AppName$'>
<lbTitle Caption='openFormats import report'/>
<btnClose Caption='Close'/>
<!-- Strings -->
<AeroWindow LinesCount='100'>
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -137,6 +136,12 @@
<Item Index='17' Value="%S(Line %D): Too many bones in one geometry, you can't use more than 48 bones."/>

<Item Index='18' Value="%S(Line %D): %S"/>

<!-- Export/Import -->
<Item Index='19' Value='openFormats import report'/>
<Item Index='20' Value='openFormats export report'/>
<Item Index='21' Value='Some files not exported, more information below.'/>

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2 changes: 1 addition & 1 deletion OpenIV/Resources/Languages/en_GB/LIP.xml
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<LanguageInterfacePack version='291' ID='2057' active="true">
<LanguageInterfacePack version='300' ID='2057' active="true">
<Contributor link="">OpenIV Team</Contributor>
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48 changes: 24 additions & 24 deletions OpenIV/Resources/Languages/en_GB/LegacyUI.xml
Expand Up @@ -82,14 +82,7 @@
<Item Index="69" Value="$AppName$ - Confirmation"/>
<Item Index="70" Value='All changes you made in "$ModsFolderPath$update\update.rpf" archive will be lost.\nDo you want to continue?'/>
<Item Index="71" Value='Search "%s" in all archives'/>
<Item Index="72" Value=""/>
<Item Index="73" Value=""/>
<Item Index="74" Value=""/>
<Item Index="75" Value=""/>
<Item Index="76" Value=""/>
<Item Index="77" Value=""/>
<Item Index="78" Value=""/>
<Item Index="79" Value=""/>
<Item Index="72" Value="Do you really want to exit $AppName$?"/>
<!-- Others -->
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -153,14 +146,16 @@
<actEditMode Caption="Edit mode" Hint=""/>
<actReadMode Caption="Read only mode" Hint=""/>
<actCloseAllArchives Caption="Close all archives" Hint="Close all opened archives"/>
<actCloseAllFolders Caption="Close all folders" Hint="Close all opened folders"/>
<actCloseArchive Caption="Close archive" Hint="Close current archive"/>
<actExit Caption="Exit" Hint="Exit"/>
<!-- Edit Action's -->
<actPreview Caption="View..." Hint="View file"/>
<actEditFile Caption="Edit..." Hint="Edit file"/>
<actOpen Caption="Open" Hint="Open selected item"/>
<actEditFile Caption="Edit" Hint="Edit selected file"/>
<actViewAsHex Caption="View in Hex..." Hint="View in Hex"/>
<actViewAsText Caption="View as text..." Hint="View as text"/>
<actCopyPath Caption="Copy path" Hint="Copy current file path"/>
<actCopyName Caption="Copy name" Hint="Copy name of selected file"/>
<actCopyPath Caption="Copy path" Hint="Copy full path to selected file"/>
<actExtract Caption="Extract..." Hint="Extract file"/>
<actSaveContent Caption="Save content/Export" Hint="Save file content/Export"/>
<actSaveRawContent Caption="Save raw content" Hint="Export raw file data"/>
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -188,21 +183,14 @@
<actMainMenuBar Caption="Menu bar" Hint="Menu bar"/>
<!-- Help Action's -->
<actHelpVerifyGame Caption="How to verify and restore game files..." Hint=""/>
<actReportBug Caption="Report a bug" Hint=""/>
<actAbout Caption="About..." Hint="About"/>
<actSocialMedia Caption="Join $AppName$ community" Hint=""/>
<actForums Caption="Join $AppName$ discussion" Hint=""/>
<actSupportDonate Caption="Support $AppName$" Hint=""/>
<actGoToWeb Caption="Go to website..." Hint=""/>
<actSendFeedback Caption="Send Feedback" Hint=""/>
<actUpdate Caption="Check for update..." Hint=""/>
<actDonate Caption="Donate $AppName$..." Hint=""/>
<actWebIV Caption="Sign up $WebName$" Hint=""/>
<actFAQ Caption="Frequently Asked Questions" Hint=""/>
<!-- Social -->
<actSocialYouTube Caption="$AppName$ YouTube channel" Hint=""/>
<actSocialFacebook Caption="$AppName$ Facebook page" Hint=""/>
<actSocialTwitter Caption="$AppName$ on Twitter" Hint=""/>
<actSocialVKCom Caption="$AppName$ VK page" Hint=""/>
<!-- Only in Win7 and later -->
<actWin7ReportTool Caption="Record steps to reproduce a problem" Hint=""/>
<actReportBug Caption="Report a bug" Hint=""/>
<actWin7ReportTool Caption="Record steps to reproduce a problem" Hint=""/> <!-- Only in Win7 and later -->
<actAbout Caption="About..." Hint="About"/>
<!-- Groups Action's -->
<actCollapseAll Caption="Collapse all groups" Hint=""/>
<actExpandAll Caption="Expand all groups" Hint=""/>
Expand All @@ -222,6 +210,7 @@
<actFilterByType Caption="Filter by type" Hint=""/>
<actFilterOnlyThis Caption="Show only this" Hint=""/>
<!-- Tree -->
<actTreeCopyName Caption="Copy name" Hint=""/>
<actTreeCopyAsPath Caption="Copy as path" Hint=""/>
<actTreeShowInWindowsExplorer Caption="Show in Windows Explorer" Hint=""/>
<actTreeCloseArchive Caption="Close archive" Hint=""/>
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -363,6 +352,8 @@
<cbClearSearchFilterAfterOpeningArchive Caption='Clear search filter after opening archive'/>
<cbUseAlternativeWayOfAddingFolders Caption='Use alternate (old) way of adding folders after drag and drop'/>
<tbFileAssociation Caption="Change file association"/>
<cbDisplayExitConfirmationDialog Caption="Show confirmation dialog on exit"/>
<cbStartWithLocationFromLastSession Caption="Start $AppName$ with location from the last session"/>
<!-- "mods" folder -->
<tabModsFolder Caption="$ModsFolder$ folder"/>
<lbModsFolderText Caption="On this page you can change settings related to $ModsFolder$ folder."/>
Expand All @@ -388,6 +379,15 @@
<lbCameraControl Caption="Camera control scheme"/>
<cbRenderAntialiasing Caption="Enable AntiAliasing"/>
<lbChooseEditorTheme Caption="Choose color scheme for text editor"/>
<lbMultichannelAudioPlayback Caption="Multichannel audio playback"/>
<Item Index="0" Value="Play multichannel audio in mono mode"/>
<Item Index="1" Value="Play multichannel audio in stereo mode"/>
<Item Index="2" Value="Play multichannel audio in multichannel mode"/>
<lbMultichannelNote Caption="Note: Make sure your system is capable of playing surround sound, otherwise you will not hear most of the audio content."/>
<!-- openFormats -->
<tabFormats Caption="openFormats"/>
<lbDefTextureFormat Caption="Default texture file format"/>
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