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reCaptcha module

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ReCaptcha Authentication Module

ReCaptcha authentication module allows use Google ReCaptcha to make sure that authenticating user is a real person and not a Robot.

This module included in OpenAM distribution since 14.1.1 version

To use this module, at first you should receive recevie ReCaptcha's key and secret key from Google.

Setup Authentication Module Gobally

To configure the reCaptcha module globally in the AM console, navigate to Configuration > Authentication, and then, click ReCaptcha. Module settings are shown on the picture below: ReCaptcha Settings

Setup Authentication Chain

ReCaptcha Authentication Chain In this picture, at first, user solves recaptcha, and then recaptcha module allows him to authenticate in DataStore authentication module. As there is no Pricipal at authentication chain start, if user solves ReCaptcha, it returns ignore and skips user to DataStore authentication module. If users does not solve ReCaptcha, authentication starts over.

ssoadm service name: sunAMAuthReCaptchaService


Specifies the key, obtained from Google in ReCaptcha administartion console

ssoadm attribute: org.openidentityplatform.openam.authentication.modules.recaptcha.ReCaptcha.key

Secret Key

Specifies the secret key, obtained from Google in ReCaptcha administartion console

ssoadm attribute: org.openidentityplatform.openam.authentication.modules.recaptcha.ReCaptcha.secret

ReCaptcha JavaScript URL

Google's ReCaptcha JavaScript library URL

ssoadm attribute: org.openidentityplatform.openam.authentication.modules.recaptcha.ReCaptcha.jsUrl

ReCaptcha Verify URL

Google's ReCaptcha verification endpoint

ssoadm attribute: org.openidentityplatform.openam.authentication.modules.recaptcha.ReCaptcha.verifyUrl

ReCaptcha Verify URL connect timeout

Google's ReCaptcha verification endpoint connect timeout (default 1500 ms)

ssoadm attribute: org.openidentityplatform.openam.authentication.modules.recaptcha.ReCaptcha.connect.timeout

ReCaptcha Verify URL read timeout

Google's ReCaptcha verification endpoint read timeout (default 2500 ms)

ssoadm attribute: