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Release 1.1 (developmet in progress, compared to 1.0.4)
Major new features and improvements:
* OpenCV interoperability: new ImageBufAlgo::fromIplImage converts/copies
an OpenCV image to an ImageBuf.
* New ImageBufAlgo functions:
capture_image : captures from a camera device (only if OpenCV is found)
* New oiiotool commands:
--capture : captures from a camera device (only if OpenCV is found)
--pattern constant : creates a constant-color image
API changes:
* A new static ImageInput::open(filename [,config]) combines the old
create-and-open idiom into a single call, which is also much more
efficient because it won't needlessly open and close the file multiple
times. This is now the preferred method for reading a file, though
the old-style create() and open() still work as always.
* ImageInput plugins now may supply a valid_file(filename) method which
detects whether a given file is in the right format, less expensively
than doing a full open() and checking for errors. (It's probably the same
cost as before when the file is not the right time, but when it is, it's
less expensive because it can stop as soon as it knows it's the right
type, without needing to do a full header read and ImageSpec setup.)
* Removed various error_message() functions that had been deprecated for
a long time (in favor of newer getmessage() functions).
* Define a namespace alias 'OIIO' that gets you past all the custom
namespacesin a convenient way.
* TextureOpt now contains a 'subimagename' field that allows subimages
to be addressed by name as well as by index (only for multi-image textures,
of course).
Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements:
* TextureSystem: anisotropic texture lookups are more robust when the
derivatives are tiny.
* iconvert handles the int32 and uint32 cases.
* Bug fix in to_native_rectangle, which could lead to errors in certain
data format conversions.
* Faster TIFF texture access (by speeding up switching of MIPmap levels).
* iv improvements:
- better behavior after closing the last image of the sequence.
- file load/save dialogs can filter to show just certain image file types.
- remember last open dialog directory
- "About" dialog has a link to the OIIO home page
* Improve ::create to more robustly handle files whose extensions don't
match their actual formats.
* ImageCache attribute "deduplicate" controls whether the identical-image
deduplication is enabled (on by default).
* OpenImageIO::geterror() is now thread-specific, so separate threads will
no longer clobber each others' error messages.
* Fix reading bugs in DPX and Cineon.
* PNG: fix handling of gamma for sRGB images.
* oiiotool fixes: print MIP messages correctly (it was only printing for
the first MIP level); make sure stray "oiio:BitsPerSample" in an input
file doesn't mess up the -d flags.
* Field3D fixes: properly catch exceptions thrown by the Field3D open();
conform metadata to Field3D conventions; multi-layer f3d files will
present as a multi-image file with the "oiio:subimagename" giving a
unique name for each layer subimage;
* OpenEXR: suppress format-specific metadata from other formats.
* Texture files are no longer limited to having tile sizes that are
powers of 2.
Build system improvements:
* Various Windows build fixes, including fixes for Windows 7, and
improvements to running the testsuite on Windows.
* Testsuite additions and improvements: png fmath_test
* Compilation fixes on FreeBSD.
* Add FIELD3D_HOME build variable to allow explicit path to Field3D
Developer goodies:
* Strutil utilities: iequals, istarts_with, iends_with, to_lower, to_upper.
* Use Chris Foster's 'tinyformat' for type-safe printf-like formatting,
and this now forms the basis of Strutil::format, ustring::format, and
many of the classes' error() methods.
Release 1.0.4 (2 May 2012)
* DPX fixes for 12 bit DPX and packing methods.
* Cineon fixes: remove buggy 32 and 64 bit output, which wasn't needed;
fix for 10 bit -> 16 bit promotion.
* bmp fix: wasn't setting oiio:BitsPerSample correctly.
* oiiotool fixes: improved argument help and add man page generation;
print data format info correctly for non-byte bit depths; better
inference of output tile size and data format from the inputs (when
not explicitly requested); --resize n% was broken; print data format
info correctly for non-byte bit depths.
* iinfo fixes: make --stats print correctly; print data format info
correctly for non-byte bit depths.
* Fix roundoff error when converting from float buffers to int image files.
* More precise filter normalization in ImageBufAlgo::resize (and therefore
oiiotool --resize).
Release 1.0.3 (16 Apr 2012)
* Fix reading bugs in DPX and Cineon.
* iconvert handles the int32 and uint32 cases.
* Bug fix in to_native_rectangle, which could lead to errors in certain
data format conversions.
* Various Windows build fixes, including fixes for Windows 7.
* Compilation fixes on FreeBSD.
Release 1.0.2 (19 Mar 2012)
* Fixed TARGA reader bug where for 16-bpp, 4-channel images, we weren't
reading the alpha properly.
* Fix ill-formed default output names for maketx (and in the process,
add Filesystem::replace_extension utility).
* Threading performance improvement in the texture system as a result of
wrapping various internal "iequals" calls to pass a static locale
rather than relying on their default behavior that would use a mutex
underneath to access a global locale.
Release 1.0.1 (13 Mar 2012, compared to 1.0.0)
Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements:
* Improvements in anisotropic texture filtering quality.
* oiiotool --hash prints the SHA-1 hash of each input image.
* oiiotool: properly print error message and exit when an input file
cannot be opened.
* Changed the default behavior of idiff and "oiiotool --diff" to print
the pixel difference report only for failures (not for successful
matches), unless in verbose (-v) mode.
Developer goodies:
* dassert.h: New ASSERTMSG and DASSERTMSG allow even more flexible
assertion messages with full printf argument generality.
* Windows compilation fixes.
* Major testsuite overhaul: All tests are copied and run in the
build/ARCH/testsuite directory, no longer leaving any clutter in the
"source" testsuite area. The testing scripts have been cleaned up
and greatly simplified. An individual test can be run using "make
test TEST=name" (also works with regular expressions). The usual
"make test" will exclude tests that are expected to be broken (such
as tests for portions of the system that were not built because their
required libraries were not found), but "make testall" will run all
tests including nominally "broken" ones.
Release 1.0 (25 Feb 2012, compared to 0.10.5)
Major new features and improvements:
* New ImageInput & ImageOutput methods that can efficiently read/write
multiple scanlines or tiles at a time.
* New ImageInput methods that can read a subset of channels from an image.
* WebP format reader/writer.
* PSD (Adobe Photoshop) format reader.
* RLA (Wavefront) format reader/writer.
* Cineon support is re-enabled after various bug fixes.
* New utility: oiiotool. This is still a work in progress, but largely
subsumes the functionality of iprocess, iinfo, iconvert, idiff.
* Use OpenColorIO ( for color space conversion, if
detected at build time and a valid OCIO configuration is found at runtime.
Color conversion commands have been added to oiiotool and maketx.
API changes:
* New ImageInput & ImageOutput methods that can efficiently read/write
multiple scanlines or tiles at a time: read_scanlines, read_tiles,
write_scanlines, write_tiles.
* New ImageInput methods that can read a subset of channels from an image.
* Change the last couple functions that took min/max pixel range
specifications to conform to our usual [begin,end) convention --
write_rectangle and to_native_rectangle.
* exif_encode, exif_decode now available as general utilities (previously
were private to the JPEG plugin).
* New ImageOutput::supports() queries: "displaywindow" queries whether the
file format is able to handle differing display ("full") and pixel data
windows, "negativeorigin" queries whether data origin or full/display
origin may be negative.
* TextureSystem and ImageCache now accept attribute "options", that is a
comma-separated list of name=value setings (e.g.
"max_memory_MB=256,max_files=1000"). Also, upon startup, the environment
are parsed for these startup values.
* TextureSystem/ImageCache: add a separate "plugin_searchpath" attribute
separate from the "searchpath" for images.
Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements:
* ImageBufAlgo new algorithms: compare, compare_Yee, isConstantChannel,
* TextureOpt: add ustring-aware versions of the decode_wrapmode utility.
* TypeDesc: allow stream << output.
* iv: raised maximum ImageCache size from 2 GB to 8 GB.
* PNM: fix bug where file exceptions could go uncaught.
* Properly create coefficients for Kodak color transform.
* iprocess: Fix bug calling read.
* maketx new options: --opaque-detect omits alpha from texture whose input
images had alpha=1 everywhere; --mipimage option allows custom MIP
levels to be assembled; --fixnan repairs NaN & Inf values in the inputs.
* Fixed bugs in sinc and Blackman-Harris filters.
* ImageCache/TextureSystem -- new reset_stats() method resets all the
statistics back to zero.
* TIFF: better handling of unexpected bitsperpixel combinations; support
the nonstandard use of IEEEFP/16bit as "half"; fix many small bugs
related to unusual depth depths and contig/separate conversions.
* JPEG-2000 plugin rewritten to use OpenJpeg library instead of Jasper.
* DPX: various bug fixes.
* RLA plugin overhauled and now has good support for non-8-bit depths.
* oiiotool improvements: --pop, --dup, --selectmip, --origin,
--incolorspace, --tocolorspace, --colorconvert.
* TextureSystem supports textures with "overscan" (including proper
maketx support for input images with overscan).
* TS/IC invalidate_all previously cleared all fingerprint info, but now
only clears fingerprints for individual files that are invalidated
(this makes for better duplicate detection).
Build system improvements:
* Support compilation on FreeBSD.
* Improved custom detection of boost-python on Windows.
* Easier to compile OIIO without using TBB.
Developer goodies:
* ArgParse enhancements: make %! indicate a bool that's set to false if
the option is found, %@ indicates an immediate callback, allow
callbacks for bool options, option matching ignores characters after
':' in the option, wrap lines at word breaks when printing usage help.
* Generate man pages for the command-line tools.
* Strutil additions: escape_chars, unescape_chars, word_wrap.
* Filesystem additions: filename(), extension().
* Sysutil additions: terminal_columns()
* Use project for test images that are
too big to fit in testsuite.
* Fixed bugs in Timer::lap().
* Aded 'invert' algorithm to fmath.h.
* Clarify Timer docs and fix Apple-specific bug.
* testtex improvements: --wrap
Release 0.10.5 (20 Feb 2012)
* Improvements to anisotropic texture filtering: (1) fix for degenerate
derivatives that could corrupt the filter footpring calculations,
resulting in an infinitely long major axis; (2) more efficient subpixel
filtering for very narrow anisotropic footprints when on the highest-res
MIP level.
Release 0.10.4 (November 20, 2011)
* Important texture bug fix: Improve robustness of texture lookups with
very small derivatives. The previous bug/misunderstanding had the
result of some filter footprints with very small (but valid)
derivatives inappropriately using the highest-resolution MIPmap level
and maximum anisotropy, resulting in terrible performance, alising,
and in some cases visible seams on the boundary between where this
happened and where it didn't. Be aware that the fixed code will make
some areas of texture look less sharp, but that's only because it was
aliasing before and using a totally incorrect MIPmap level.
Release 0.10.3 (November 5, 2011)
* New ImageCache/TextureSystem option: "autoscanline", which, when
autotile is turned on, causes the virtual tiles to be the full width
of the image scanlines, rather than square. This improves performance
for some apps.
* Bug fix: PNG files with both associated alpha and gamma correction lost
precision when converting.
* Bug fix: ICO and Targa did not properly force requested (but
unsupported) UINT16 output to be UINT8.
* maketx (and Filter classes): fixes to sinc, blackman-harris filters.
* Minor Python binding bug fixes.
* Allow stream << of TypeDesc.
* Fix minor Timer::lap() bug.
Release 0.10.2 (August 6, 2011)
* Improve the performance of ustring constructor when highly multithread.
* Remove old out-of-date Doxygen html pages.
Release 0.10.1 (August 2, 2011)
* Fix TextureSystem::get_texture_info(file,"exists") (and the equivalent for
ImageCache), it was previously incorrectly giving an error if the file
didn't exist.
* Fixed an error where we were losing the error message if ImageInput::create
* maketx: --hash is deprecated, the SHA-1 hash is always computed; the
hash takes into account upstream image changes, such as resizing; the
--filter command line argument only takes the filter name, the width
is now automatically computed.
* Add static methods to Filter classes allowing queries about the names
and vital info about all available filters.
* New Filesystem::is_regular() wraps the boost is_regular and catches
* iv: raise the maximum ImageCache settable in the UI from 2GB to 8GB.
* Bug fixes with per-channel data formats.
* Add Strutil::escape_chars() and unescape_chars() utility functions.
* TextureOpt: add ustring-aware versions of the decode_wrapmode() utility.
Release 0.10 (June 9 2010)
Major new features and improvements:
* TextureSystem: fix longstanding texture quality issues: underestimation
of anisotropic filter footprint, improved metric for determining when to
switch to bicubic filtering, better MIP level selection for non-square
* maketx --filter allows you to specify the filter for resizing and
downsizing to generate MIPmap levels (this lets you choose a filter
that is better than the default "box").
* TextureSystem option "gray_to_rgb", when set to nonzero, promotes
grayscale (single channel) texture lookups to RGB (rather than using
the fill color for missing channel.
* IFF (Maya) support from Mikael Sundell.
API changes:
* TextureSystem has additional API entry points for apps that want to
retrieve an opaque texture handle and per-thread info and then pass it
back to texture lookups, saving some name resolution and per-thread
retrieval time. (The old routines that do this all automatically still
work just fine.)
* New ImageBufAlgo utilities: setNumChannels, isConstantColor, isMonochrome,
computePixelHashSHA1, transform.
Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements:
* ImageCache/TextuerSystem:
- option "accept_untiled" wasn't properly recognized (0.9.1); new
attribute "accept_unmipped" (default to 1), when set to zero, will
treat any un-MIPmapped file as an error (analogous to the existing
"accept_untiled") (0.9.2);
- fix deadlock when file handles are exhausted (0.9.3);
invalidate_all() no longer closes all files unconditionally, only
the ones actually invalidated;
- fix longstanding problem where multiple threads could redundantly
open and read the same file if they need it simultaneously and it
isn't in cache already;
- get_pixels issues a single error from a corrupt file, rather than
reporting error after error on the same file.
* Texture: Fixes to make latlong environment maps more correct for OpenEXR
files, which have some particular unique conventions. (0.9.1);
bug fix to TextureOpt default initializer that could screw up texture
lookups. (0.9.1)
* maketx fixes: the -oiio command line option also enables hash generation;
resize properly if any of the dimensions change (previously only did
if ALL dimensions changed) (0.9.3); --nchannels lets you set the number
of output channels.
* Added ImageBufAlgo::transform to allow for 'flip' & 'flop' in iprocess.
* DPX: fix file reading when number of channels not equal to 3 (0.9.3);
support for endianness specification, fix lots of problems writing metadata.
* BMP: RGB-to-BGR conversion fixed, force UINT8 output; scanline size was
incorrect when copying to temporary buffers.
* JPEG: reader is more robust to corrupted files and other problems.
* JPEG-2000: support files with more than 8 bits per channel.
* Targa: properly expand 5 bit per channel to full bytes.
* Fixed incorrectly set "ResolutionUnit" and "BitsPerSample" usage in several
format plugins.
* Improved handling of file formats that allow unassociated alpha.
* iv: display non-Latin filenames properly.
* iconvert --noclobber option ensures that existing files aren't overwritten.
* iinfo: fixes to properly print subimage and mipmap statistics.
For developers / build issues:
* Fix USE_TBB macro on Windows build. (0.9.1)
* Fixes required for Windows compile in conjunction with OSL. (0.9.1)
* Removed some pointless debugging output to the console. (0.9.1)
* Fix subtle bug in convert_type utility function that was causing a slight
incorrect rounding when converting float to a signed integer type. (0.9.3)
* Fix to compile properly against Boost 1.46. (0.9.3)
* Update pugixml from 0.5 to 1.0.
* Remove boost::test and gtest as dependencies, use our own macros.
* Fixes to allow use of libtiff 4.0.
* make USE_JASPER=0 USE_FIELD3D=0 make it easy to disable Jasper and
Field3D as dependencies.
* Various fixes to make cleaner compiles with clang.
* ustring: Added find* methods that match those of std::string, expose
make_unique, is_unique, and from_unique helper functions.
* Add Filesystem::exists and Filesystem::is_directory.
Release 0.9 (Dec 9 2010, updated Feb 23, 2011)
Major new features:
* New format plugin: DPX
* New format plugin: Cineon (currently read only) (r1599,1600,1601,1617)
* New format plugin: Ptex (currently read only) (r1655,1664).
* New format plugin: Field3D (currently read only) (r1659,1666,1669)
* Support for files that are simultaneously multi-image and where each
subimage may also be mipmapped (these concepts were previously
comingled). This mainly effects ImageInput::seek_subimage and
ImageOutput::open, as well as some minor methods of ImageCache and
ImageBuf. (r1655,1656,1664,1671)
* Support for per-channel data formats via the new ImageSpec::channelformats
vector and interpreting read_foo/write_foo format parameter of UKNOWN
as a request for the true native format. (r1674)
* Full support of TextureSystem environment() for lat-long maps.
API changes:
* Single-point texture lookup struct (TextureOpt) and additional
single-point texture lookup entry points. (r1679)
* Filter{1D,2D} class now has a destroy() method to match its create(),
and create() accepts "bspline" and "catrom" as synonyms for the
existing "b-spline" and "catmull-rom" fileters. (r1542)
* Add methods to ImageSpec to read/write an XML representation of the
ImageSpec (r1574).
* Finally put all the helper classes (ustring, TypeDesc, etc.) that were
in the main OpenImageIO namespace, as well as centralized version numbering
and custom namespace control.
* ParamList now has a method to remove attributes.
* Color handling change: color space now is a metadata string,
"oiio:ColorSpace", not 'linearity' data member of ImageSpec; remnants of
bad 'dither' ideas have been removed; "BitsPerSample" metadata has been
renamed "oiio:BitsPerSample" and several bugs have been fixed related to
it in some of the image plugins.
* Moved some ImageBuf methods into functions in imagebufalgo.h.
Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements:
* OpenEXR: Allow read/write with different data formats per channel (r1674).
* SGI: add support for files with any number of channels (r1630).
* PNG: improve PNG write speed by 4x by adjusting compression tradeoffs
* JPEG: assume sRGB unless EXIF says otherwise (r1693); fix broken JPEG
4-channel to 3-channel conversion (r1696).
* PNM: monochrome data was output incorrectly in both binary & ascii forms;
adopt the Netbpm convention for endianness in the 16 bit case; open binary
image files in binary mode to avoid newline mangling (r1709).
* TIFF: more sensible checkpointing logic greatly reduces header rewriting.
* iinfo: add --stats option (r1618)
* iv: Now can sort the image list by file date, metadata date, name, or
file path (r1514).
* ImageCache: fixed bug that allowed the max_open_files limit to be
exceeded (r1657); raise the default IC cache size to 256 MB (r1663);
automip unmipped files even if they are tiled (r1670); fix bug wherein
an invalidated and modified file would continue to flush in subsequent
invalidations, even if the file was not modified again (r1712/0.8.8).
* New ImageBuf algorithm: computePixelStats (r1618)
* Fixes in ImageCache and ImageBuf to allow correct handling of
3D (volumetric) files. (r1659,1660)
* ImageCache fixed to ensure that multiple threads don't try to concurrently
open the same file.
* Properly append error messages; ASSERT if the error message buffer
exceeds 16 MB (which means somebody is failing to call geterror) (1672)
* Fix subtle Strutil::format and ustring::format crasher bugs with long
strings (r1654 - 0.8.8).
* Print the OIIO version in the ImageCache stats so we don't guess
when somebody sends us a log file with complaints.
* ImageCache::getattribute can retrieve its interesting internal
statistics individually by name. (r1721)
* idiff and iv increased their IC cache size. (r1722)
* idiff bug fixes: (1) files with different number of MIPmap levels
immediately failed, whereas they should have compared their top
levels, and only fail if the "-a" flag was used; (2) some failure
modes incorrectly printed a "PASS" message despite actually failing. (r1722)
* Changed the environment variable that contains the plugin search path
* Bug fix to ImageInput::read_image -- could crash due to an internal
buffer allocated as the wrong size. (r1724)
* Bug fixes to write_image(), related to subtle stride errors.
* Improved strhash, fewer ustring hash collisions.
* New maketx functionality: --constant-color-detect, --monochrome-detect,
--prman, --oiio (look in docs for explanation).
For developers / build issues:
* testtex: print memory use (r1522)
* Embedded plugins are now built within the OIIO namespace, if defined (r1559).
* Fixed implementation of TypeDesc construction from a string. (r1562)
* Incorporate PugiXML for XML parsing/writing needs (r1569).
* In-progress socket I/O plugin is in the code base, but not yet fully
* Disable python support if boost_python is not found. (r1701)
Release 0.8 (May 26 2010)
Major new features:
* Python bindings for the ImageInput, ImageOutput, ImageSpec, ImageBuf,
and ImageCache classes.
* New format plugin: SGI image file
* New format plugin: PNM/PPM/PGM/PBM
* New format plugin: DDS (currently reading only)
* New format plugin: Softimage PIC (currently reading only)
API changes:
* New "linearity" tags include AdobeRGB, Rec709, and KodakLog.
* ColorTransfer helper class can convert among the linearity types, and
may be optionally passed to convert_image and convert_types.
* Added to fmath.h: sincos, exp2f, log2f
* Renamed ErrHandler::ErrCode enums with EH_ prefix (to fix conflicts
with some Windows headers).
* ustring now has getstats() and memory() methods.
Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements:
* ImageInput::create() error messages are more helpful.
* Fixed some error messages in FITS output, iconvert.
* maketx: Console flushes in status messages to that a calling process
will get status messages right away.
* Fix subtle ImageCache bug with invalidate().
* ImageCache/TextureSystem have improved multithreading performance
when large untiled files are needed simultaneously by many threads.
* TextureSystem: new 'missingcolor' texture option that, when provided,
can specify a color that will be used for missing textures rather than
generating errors. (If not supplied, missing tex is still an error.)
* BMP plugin enhancements.
* TIFF: support 64-bit float pixels, proper random scanline access emulation
for all appropriate compression types, handle incorrectly set-to-zero
image_full_width and image_full_height. (r1515 - 0.8.1)
* PNG: properly handle palette images, unassociated alpha, gamma
correction, endianness for 16-bit files, and has vastly better memory
consumption due to reading scanlines individually rather than
buffering the whole image (r1523 - 0.8.1); fix clamping/wrapping
problem for certain values when alpha > color. (r1605 - 0.8.3)
* iv fixes: fix improper recentering after image reload; fix crash when
image info window opened without any image files loaded; better status
window message when image reads fail; iv goes into background properly
in Windows; "slide show" mode; pixel view display moves if you need to
look at pixels underneath it;
* ImageCache bug: previously couldn't designate a cache > 2GB (because of
integer overflow issues).
* ImageCache::get_image_info and TextureSystem::get_texture_info now respond
to a new "exists" query that merely tests for existance of the file. (0.8.1)
* ImageCache/TextureSystem fix for a threading logic bug that could potentially
lead to a deadlock (and definitely led to hitting a DASSERT when compiled
for DEBUG mode). (0.8.1)
* maketx performance improvements: --noresize is now the default (use
--resize if you really want power-of-two resizing); much better
performance because it doesn't use ImageCache unless the image being
converted is very large; takes advantage of multiple cores by
automatically multithreading (the number of threads can be controlled
by the "-t" option, with the default to use the same number of threads
as hardware cores). (r1546 - 0.8.2)
* Fix potential crash in read_tile for files with tiles so big that they
would not fit on the stack (heap allocation used instead). (0.8.2)
* OpenEXR: add support for vector metadata attributes. (r1554 - 0.8.2)
* Improve TIFF open error messages. (r1570 - 0.8.3)
* Make ImageCache::get_pixels() and TextureSystem::get_texels() safe for
crop windows -- fill with zero outside the valid pixel data area. (r1579 - 0.8.3)
* In ImageCache::attribute (and by extension, TS::attribute), only
invalidate the cache if the attributes actually CHANGED. (r1582 - 0.8.3)
* maketx: --checknan option double checks that no source image pixels
are NaN or Inf (r1584 - 0.8.3).
* Fixed crash that could result from certain XML strings embedded in TIFF
headers (uncaught exception). (0.8.5)
* Fixed ImageCache deadlock when using autotile. (r1631 - 0.8.6)
* Fixed a longstanding performance issue with ImageCache automip, wherein
an unmipped file that is larger than the cache size leads to pathological
thrashing. The solution is to automatically raise the cache size to be
large enough to automip the file without danger of thrashing. (r1657 - 0.8.7)
For developers / build issues:
* EMBEDPLUGINS=1 is now the default. This means that all the format
plugins that come with OIIO are compiled into the main library, so
there's no reason for users to set $IMAGEIO_LIBRARY_PATH unless they
need custom format plugins not supplied with the main distribution.
* Fix compiler warnings (mostly under Windows): TBB stuff, ustring, windows.h.
* Option to build static libraries (with 'make LINKSTATIC=1').
* Fixes to make clean compilation with gcc-4.4.2.
* Allow custom 'platform' designation in the build.
* Allow custom installation destination ('make INSTALLDIR=...').
* ustring now takes half the memory (by no longer redundantly storing the
characters on Linux and OS X).
* Always use TBB (better performance on Windows for atomics). [0.8.2]
Release 0.7 (Nov 26 2009)
Major new features:
* New format plugin: JPEG-2000 (r1050)
* New format plugin: FITS (r1287 et al)
* TextureSystem: two new entries to TextureOptions which allow the texture
system to return the derivatives in s and t of the texture. (r1308)
API changes:
* Added imagespec() method to ImageCache and TextureSystem that returns a
reference to the internal ImageSpec of the image. This is much more
efficient than get_imagespec, but beware, the pointer is only valid
until somebody calls invalidate() on the file. (r1266)
* TextureOptions: eliminated the 'alpha' field. Added the dresultds and
dresultdt fields.
* Extend TypeDesc to include INT64 and UINT64. (r1145)
Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements:
* Make EMBEDPLUGINS=1 the default. (0.7.1)
* Improvements to the Targa plugin, bringing it into compliance with
TGA 2.0 (r1163, r1297)
* Fixed PNG-related crashes on 64 bit machines. (r1336)
* iv improvements: support for multichannel images and different color
modes (r1129), support auto use mipmap level based on zooming (r1093),
correct pixelview for rotated images (r1092), fix off-by-one error
with some zoom levels (r1089).
* maketx: fixed problem where it was sometimes not setting the output
data format to match the input data format correctly (r1290), fixed
problems with writing EXR files with --nomipmap (r1286), fixed cases
where data window was not the same as display window (i.e. crop or
* ImageCache/TextureSystem: various threading and performance improvements.
(r1188, r1211, r1288, r1299)
* TS: fixed incorrect "texturetype" results of get_texture_info. (r1314)
* IC/TS: fixed crasher bugs when doing get_pixels of images that had
non-zero data window origin. (r1313)
* IC/TS: better error messages and recovery from spooky open and read_tile
failures. (r1321)
* When IC/TS reads and entire (untiled) image, the file is closed afterwards.
This is especially helpful on Windows where open files are locked to
writing by other processes. (r1298)
* HUGE speedup of ImageCache::get_image_info (and TS::get_texture_info)
b replacing strcmp's with ustring == (r1281).
* IC: fixed various subtle logic errors with broken files and
invalidate/invalidate_all. (r1252, r1279)
* IC/TS: fixed memory leak of per-thread imagecache data and subtle race
conditions. (r1057, r1216, r1222, r1238)
* TS: fixed problem where missing or broken textures weren't using the
right fill color. (r1268)
* IC: Clamp cache size to a reasonable lower limit (r1256)
* TS: improvements to filter estimation (1134) and bicubic interpolation
numerical stability and speed (r1166, r1179, r1333).
* IC: when autotile=0 but automip=1, fixed bug that was wasting HUGE
amounts of memory by using the wrong resolution for mip levels! (r1147)
* IC: fix an edge case where tiles could leak. (r1044)
* Fixed some hairy static initialization problems with ustring (r1280)
* Use a spin lock rather than block in ustring constructor gives HUGE
speedup especially on Windows. (r1167)
* TS: Make everything work for textures whose image origin is not (0,0)
or whose pixel data window doesn't match the image window (i.e. crop
windows or overscan). (r1332)
* IC/TS: Correctly invalidate files afected by recently changed "automip"
setting. (r1337)
* IC/TS: fix crash that could occur with non-existant textures in combination
with invalidate_all(). (r1338)
* Make create() error messages more helpful. (0.7.1)
For developers:
* Build more easily when older OpenEXR versions are found. (r1082)
* HTML Doxygen documentation on the public APIs. (r1311, r1312, et al)
* Sysutil::this_program_path finds the full path of the running program.
* Better compiler-side error checking of printf-like functions (r1302)
* A new site/... area where important users with local build customization
needs can check in (reasonably sized) custom makefiles or other helpful
things. (r1284)
* New ErrorHandler class, currently unused by OIIO itself, but very handy.
* Fixed lots of compiler warnings.
* Upgraded to a more recent TBB, which fixed some atomic problems. (r1211)
* ustring: make string comparison safe for empty strings. (r1330)
* Include file fixes for gcc 4.4. (r1331)
* Regularize all #include references to Imath and Openexr to
<OpenEXR/blah>. (r1335)
Release 0.6 (Jul 20, 2009)
Major new features:
* Everything has been ported to Windows.
* iv: handle older cards or versions of OpenGL, including lack of GLSL,
non-pow2 textures, etc. Generally should now be usable (if slightly
degraded functionality) for most OpenGL 1.x implementations. (r764)
* ImageBuf that only reads images is now automatically backed by
ImageCache. In the process, add Iterator and ConstIterator as "safe"
and efficient ways to visit all the pixels within a region of the
image, and eliminate the unsafe pixeladdr() method. Also added
ImageCache::attribute("forcefloat") to conveniently force all
ImageCache internal storage to be float. (r770,771,772,775,803,805)
* iv can now support "big" images, in particular larger than the OpenGL
texture limit (4k), and also very big images via the use of ImageCache
* Truevision Targa (TGA) support. (r776,792)
API changes:
* In a variety of places that specified pixel rectangles (including
ImageCache::get_pixels and TextureSystem::get_texels), specify regions
as (xbegin,xend,ybegin,yend) rather than (xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax).
Note that 'end' is, like STL, one past the last pixel. (r771)
* All classes now query error messages using geterror(). Previously some
used geterror() and others used error_message(). The old error_message
is deprecated and will be removed in a future release (r957).
Fixes and minor enhancements:
* OpenEXR plugin improvements: don't set "textureformat" attribute
unless it really is a mip-mapped texture. Preserve the mipmap
rounding mode when copying OpenEXR files, by using the
"openexr:roundingmode" metadata (r801). Properly mark the alpha
and z channels in the ImageSpec (r885).
* TIFF plugin improvements: handle 2 bpp images, properly name channels
when reading palette images (r802), no longer uses the
PREDICTOR_FLOATINGPOINT, since older versions of libtiff can't read
those files (r752). Properly set the Exif sRGB marker (r888).
* BMP plugin improvements: allows top-down scanlines as well as bottom-up,
correctly reads 4-, 8- and 24-bit images that have scanlines padded to
4-byte boundaries.
* ImageBuf algorithms: crop, add (r892).
* EXPERIMENTAL: 'iprocess' utility that lets you do some simple image
processing operations (r892).
* ImageCache additional statistics: file open time (r743), alert if
mip-mapped images are accessed at only their highest-res level (r743).
Properly emulates random access reads of LZW-compressed files (r920).
* iv: fix problems displaying images whose width was not a multiple of 4
bytes (r767), when loading small images, the window starts out a
usable minimum size, iv always raises the window upon first opening,
fix pixelview of alpha in RGB images (r939).
* iv: Fix off-by-one error that drew the last scanline incorrectly
sometimes (r1089). Give feedback when doing a slow repaint (r1089).
* iv improvements: fix skew-like problems with Intel cards, fix non-GLSL
texture mapping, limit texture size to 4096^2 to keep GL memory use
reasonable make "Reload" work again after breaking a few patches ago
* maketx: in the case where the input texture was already float and needed
no pow2 rounding, we didn't get the tiling or other metadata right (r824)
* ImageCache and TextureSystem do a better job of reporting low-level
ImageInput errors up the chain (r945).
* ImageCache: new option "accept_untiled", when set to zero, will reject
untiled images (r979).
* 'maketx --hash' embeds a SHA-1 fingerprint of the source image's
pixels in the texture file header's "ImageDescription" field.
ImageCache (and TextureSystem) will recognize these and eliminate
redundant I/O when it finds multiple files with identical pixels.
* iinfo: eliminate --md5 in favor of --hash (computing SHA-1). (r749)
* Fix ImageCache and TextureSystem to have thread-specific error
reporting. (r1045)
* TextureSystem: fixed subtle bug in destruction order that could
double-free per-thread data. (r1057)
* ImageCache: now get_image_info("format") returns teh native data format
of the file. (r1058)
* maketx: properly handle input files where the data window is not the
same as the display window or if the image offset was nonzero. The
correct semantics are that the DISPLAY window is what maps to [0,1] in
texture space. (r1059)
For developers:
* Lots of fixes for Windows compilation (r754, r860)
* A build option for whether or not to use TBB for atomics. (r780)
* New test suite entries: tiff-suite, tiff-depths (r787,788), openexr-suite,
openexr-multires, openexr-chroma (r789,790,791).
* New unit tests for ImageBuf::zero, ImageBuf::fill, ImageBufAlgo::crop (r891).
* Reorganization of unit tests.
* Improvements to ArgParse internals and interface.
* All the macros that prevent double-inclusion of header files have had
their names changed from FILENAME_H to OPENIMAGEIO_FILENAME_H so that
they don't conflict with other package (r967).
* Reorganized test suite hierarchy.
* Optionally allow the entire library to be enclosed in a versioned
namespace (via 'make NAMESPACE=foo') .
* Upgraded to a more recent version of TBB that seems to have fixed some
bugs with atomic counters. (r1027)
Release 0.5 (31 May 2009)
* New image format plugins: zfile (r529), ICO (r579,585,588,619,637),
BMP (reads only) (r580,584,614,625)
* Support for multiple subimages in iinfo (r607), iconvert, idiff (r631),
* ImageCache and TextureSystem: better stats (r528, r717), bug fixes for
large untiled images (r558,561), anisotropic improvements, stats
improvements, thread safety improvements (r566),
invalidate/invalidate_all (r591), better error reporting (r606),
thread safety fixes (r650), fix problem when filter size was precisely
at a mipmap level it blurred to higher level (r687), avoid problems
when blur > 1 and there is no 1x1 mip level (r687).
* maketx: --shadow (r530), --nomipmap (r531), big speedups (r699).
* idiff: add RMS error and PSNR (r622).
* OpenEXR plugin: support "openexr:lineOrder" attribute so
random-tile-order files may be written (r569).
* API: better handling of huge images that could have sizes > 32 bits (r575)
Fixes and minor enhancements:
* iinfo: fix - lack of help message when no files specified (r513).
* maketx: make -u work properly (r517), wasn't honoring --separate (r532).
* iconvert: add --separate and --contig (r535).
* TIFF plugin: work around error in old versions of libtiff for IPTC
packets (r674).
* JPEG plugin: if linearity is sRGB, set Exif:ColorSpace correctly (r536)
* iv: more robust to certain OpenGL versions (r550), support for OpenGL
versions that don't support non-pow2 textures (r563), correct texture
mapping when GL_NV_texture_rectangle is the best texture mapping
extension we can find (r572).
* idiff: refactored to use ImageBuf internally (r541)
For developers:
* Switch to CMake for builds.
* Build enhancements: 'make USE_OPENGL=0' (r512), better handling of
certain system OpenGL headers (r512), more robust with Qt location
(r542), handle older Boost 1.35 (r574).
* Tests: test_libOpenImageIO (r581), ico (r621),
* More work towards clean windows compilation (r659,672).
Release 0.4 (15 Mar 2009 - not formally released)
(compared to the 'initial' developer release of 1 Sep 2008)
* Lots of work on docs.
* API changes:
- Replaced ParamBaseType/ParamType with TypeDesc.
- ImageSpec: add full_{x,y,z} fields.
- Changed ImageInput/ImageOutput create(), open(), and suports() to
take std::string instead of char* (r297)
- Added ImageOutput::copy_image (r428)
- TypeDesc - distinguish COLOR from NOXFORM. (r466)
- ImageInput:open(name,newspec,config). (r482)
* igrep utility searches metadata of images (r447,455,499)
* iconvert: add --caption, --keyword, --clear-keywords, --adjust-time
--attrib, --inplace (r484,488,491), --compression (r354), --quality
* iv: put into background after launch unless -F arg (r240),
alt-leftmouse zooms, handle sRGB correctly, GAMMA env variable, full
HDR for half and float (r243), honor full/display window versus data
window (r300), better view re-centering behavior (r355), fix
orientation bugs (r363,380,381).
* TextureSystem: single point texture lookups (r247), have all routines
return a bool giving error status, rename gettextureinfo ->
get_texture_info, add get_imagespec, get_texels, geterror (r252,265),
replace hard-coded get/set routines with generic
attribute/getattribute (r321), accept non-tiled and non-mipped
textures (r317,319,388,389,390), separate the image cache into a
separate ImageCache class that may be used independently of
TextureSystem (r326,327,393), better statistics including per-file
stats (r333,360,375,429), invalidate method (r460).
* TIFF plugin: read/write EXIF, IPTC IIM, and IPTC XPM/XML data
* JPEG plugin: read/write IPTC IIM, XMP, and GPS metadata
(r408,411,458,461), implement ImageOutput::copy_data() can copy images
without altering pixel values (r483).
Fixes and minor enhancements:
* ImageBuf: add option to read() that allows data format conversion (r244),
add oriented{x,y} and oriented_full_{width,height} methods (r296).
* TextureSystem: fix bicubic filetering (r309), big memory savings by
not having libtiff use memory mapping (r332), lots of performance
tuning (r351), anisotropic texture improvements (r364), bug fixes for
search paths (r459).
* iinfo: print color space and file format info (r241), better printing
of matrix metadata (r365), new options -f, -m (r501).
* idiff: bug fix - not producing difference image (r402)
* maketx: deduce default file format from extension (r275).
* All format plugins: better error detection in open() for senseless
resolutions (r294,295)
* OpenEXR plugin: handle float as well as half data, fixes when image
origin is not (0,0) (r291), fix leak of exr writer (r292), conform to
common conventions for camera matrix naming (r367), regularize
capitalization of metadata (r412)
* TIFF plugin: bug fix for combination of tile + separate (r304), fixes
to retrieval of matrix tags (r366)
* HDR plugin: emulate random access of scanlines (r387), better error
reporting (r451).
* JPEG plugin: respect "CompressionQuality" (r361), emulate random
access of scanlines (r387), properly read & write JPEG_COM marker for
comments (r403), assume sRGB unless the metadata say otherwise (r414).
For developers:
* Preliminary work on Windows port (r398,399)
* Include all the needed .h files in the dist area (r251)
* Handle older gcc (r273), older boost (r301,431), older OpenEXR
(r301), older libtiff (r432).
* 'make EMBEDPLUGINS=1' compiles the bundled plugins right into main
library (r302).
* Put header files in dist/ARCH/include/OpenImageIO (r303), rename
src/libimageio -> src/libOpenImageIO (r382).
Initial developer release 0.1 (9/1/08):
* ImageInput, ImageOutput, TextureSystem APIs pretty mature
* Plugins: TIFF, JPEG/JFIF, OpenEXR, PNG, HDR/rgbe
* iv - basic display, multiple images, menus, status bar, info window,
basic prefs window, pixel view tool, zoom, pan, open, open recent,
close, save as, view subimages, view channels, gamma, exposure,
fit window to image, fit image to window, full screen.
* iconvert
* idiff
* maketx
* API docs for ImageInput, ImageOutput, writing plugins
* Linux and OSX
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