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Merge pull request #380 from lgritz/lg-testtex

Texture filtering tests to verify MIP level selection, testtex refactors
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2 parents 4337147 + fb00999 commit 73f6a2a9d3ef64f9e1e52e251145531d0b25b0e6 @lgritz lgritz committed Jun 20, 2012
@@ -290,7 +290,8 @@ oiio_add_tests (ico gpsread misnamed-file nonwhole-tiles
oiiotool oiiotool-fixnan
sgi rla psd dpx png
- texture-fill texture-gray texture-grid
+ texture-fill texture-filtersize
+ texture-gray texture-grid
texture-missing texture-overscan
texture-pointsample texture-width0blur texture-res
texture-skinny texture-fat
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