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  1. RemoteSupportTool RemoteSupportTool Public

    an easy single click solution for remote maintenance

    Java 76 28

  2. OpenIndex-SHEF OpenIndex-SHEF Public

    a fork of the Swing HTML Editor Framework

    Java 6 7

  3. JavaMacLauncher JavaMacLauncher Public

    a native Java launcher for macOS application bundles (aka JavaApplicationStub)

    Go 4 2

  4. openjdk-linux-x86 openjdk-linux-x86 Public

    OpenJDK 11 / 12 binaries for Linux x86 (aka IA-32)

    Shell 3

  5. IMAPWatcher IMAPWatcher Public

    Launch custom commands on incoming email.

    Python 1

  6. JudgingCounter JudgingCounter Public

    a mobile app for judges in fighting events to score points

    Kotlin 1


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