Open Institute

The Open Institute is a think-do tank that works with governments, CSOs, companies, media etc for citizen driven open societies in Africa.

  • Open Duka is a project designed by the Open Institute that will provide a freely accessible database of information on Kenyan entities. This information will provide citizens, journalists, and civic activists with a practical and easy-to-use tool to understand the ownership structure of the world they live in, demonstrating the practical applica…

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  • Source for the Where Does My Money Go? app.

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  • Sabasi Application is a data collection tool developed by the Open Institute. This project is still in its initial stages. In future, this application is intended to simplify the collection of data using mobile smart phones and improve availability of data especially in Africa. You're welcome to fork and collaborate with us to make it better and…

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  • Kenya Devolution Hub provides a comprehensive source of publications on the devolution of government in Kenya. Provided by the community of stakeholders working on the various thematic areas related to devolution & sub-national governments, it organises content from disparate sources in way that is easier to find and share resources. Devolution …

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  • The Open County Initiative is a project within the Devolution Programme implemented by Open Institute together with the Council of Governors. The Programmes broad objective is to work with county governments towards overcoming the challenges they face in actualizing their ambitions for good governance, integrity, transparency and accountability …

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  • The Community Dashboard is an output of the Open Institute's Global Goals for Local Impact Programme. The programme was initiated in partnership with Chief Kariuki of Lanet Location in Nakuru county, Kenya. The purpose of this dashboard was to digitally display community generated data for use by public administrators at local level and their st…

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  • This Dashboard contains information about the performance of Open Institute projects: Open County and Open Duka, showing the impact of the projects, number of datasets extracted and the number of government officials reached. This dashboard also shows the resources we have under each project i.e head count, number of events under each project, n…

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  • Thousands of students sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams every year. Discover the performance records of schools, districts and counties in Kenya from 2006 to 2011.

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