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##openvpn-shapeshifter Installer for Ubuntu & Debian servers.

This script will automatically guide you to install and configure your OpenVPN server with Shapeshifter Dispatcher (obfuscation) which will allow you to bypass the DPI blockage on OpenVPN.

This setup will offer the users the freedom to choose between regular OpenVPN connection or obfuscated one, they actually can use both! OpenVPN is the VPN provider, Dispatcher is the command line proxy tool which utilize Shapeshifter which is a protocol shapeshifting technology that will obfuscate the transformed data between the user and the server.

The process will setup the server and allow generating clients by generating two custom OpenVPN configuration .ovpn files for end users to use, which will allow them to connect using regular OpenVPN connection or the obfuscated one including a custom bash file which will automate the process of installing and configuring the client side and establish the connection.

###How this thing work?

1- This is how OpenVPN works in uncensored network: OpenVPN_uncensored 2- This is how DPI filtering works: OpenVPN_censored
3- This is how openvpn-shapeshifter works in censored network: openvpn-shapeshifter

###Installation Run the following command in your Ubuntu or Debian server:

wget -O && bash

###Tested on Linode, Digitalocean and AWS.


The Operator Foundation for Shapeshifter Dispatcher

NYR for the original OpenVPN Bash installer

OpenVPN for OpenVPN!

###Do you need help? Sure! contact me on pgp: Or! @dlshadothman

Good luck!