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Reads messages from the lora-gateway-bridge gateway receive topic, anonymises them and re-sends them on another topic.

Basic steps

  1. Extracts network, port, counter information from the phyPayload.
  2. Hashes the devAddr as well as the whole phyPayload with a choosen HMAC.
  3. Remove the original phyPayload from the final response message.


All configuration is done using environment variables. They are as follows:

  • MQTT_URL, MQTT_USERNAME, MQTT_PASSWORD (see: module documentation for their use)
  • MQTT_INPUT_TOPIC (default: gateway/+/rx)
  • MQTT_OUTPUT_PREFIX (default: anonymised)
  • HMAC_SECRET (IMPORTANT This has to be set and if you wish for your hashes to be consistent and comparable for statistics purposes you have to use the same secret)
  • HMAC_TYPE (default: sha256)
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