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OpenJSSE: A JSSE provider that supports TLS 1.3 on Java SE 8
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OpenJSSE: A JSSE provider that supports TLS 1.3 on Java SE 8.

The OpenJSSE project was created to add support for TLS 1.3 to existing Java 8 applications without requiring code changes, and to provide a means to programmatically to code to TLS 1.3 and RSASSA-PSS capabilities not directly available via the Java SE 8 APIs.

When using the OpenJSSE JSSE provider, both clients and servers will auto-negotiate TLS 1.3, unless explicitly configured otherwise, while still including full support for all TLS behaviors found in Java SE 8.

The public API for OpenJSSE is located in the and packages and is similar to the Java SE 11 and package APIs.

Code origins and evolution

The project code is comprised primarily of a backport (to Java 8) of the OpenJDK 11 implementations of various components that together comprise of a TLS 1.3 JSSE provider. While small modification were needed in order to make the code work on Java 8 JREs, the structure of the OpenJDK 11 code has been kept mostly intact, with associated packages placed under the org.openjsse.* namespace to avoid collisions.

The code for this project is licensed under the OpenJDK GPLv2 + CPE license, as described in the LICENSE file at the base of this repository and in notices found in the various source files.

The project is created and actively supported by engineers from Azul Systems.

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