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* This file is part of the OpenKinect Project.
* Copyright (c) 2011 individual OpenKinect contributors. See the CONTRIB file
* for details.
* This code is licensed to you under the terms of the Apache License, version
* 2.0, or, at your option, the terms of the GNU General Public License,
* version 2.0. See the APACHE20 and GPL2 files for the text of the licenses,
* or the following URLs:
* If you redistribute this file in source form, modified or unmodified, you
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* Binary distributions must follow the binary distribution requirements of
* either License.
#pragma once
#include "libfreenect.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/// Internal Kinect registration parameters.
/// Structure matches that of the line protocol
/// of the Kinect.
typedef struct {
int32_t dx_center; // not used by mapping algorithm
int32_t ax;
int32_t bx;
int32_t cx;
int32_t dx;
int32_t dx_start;
int32_t ay;
int32_t by;
int32_t cy;
int32_t dy;
int32_t dy_start;
int32_t dx_beta_start;
int32_t dy_beta_start;
int32_t rollout_blank; // not used by mapping algorithm
int32_t rollout_size; // not used by mapping algorithm
int32_t dx_beta_inc;
int32_t dy_beta_inc;
int32_t dxdx_start;
int32_t dxdy_start;
int32_t dydx_start;
int32_t dydy_start;
int32_t dxdxdx_start;
int32_t dydxdx_start;
int32_t dxdxdy_start;
int32_t dydxdy_start;
int32_t back_comp1; // not used by mapping algorithm
int32_t dydydx_start;
int32_t back_comp2; // not used by mapping algorithm
int32_t dydydy_start;
} freenect_reg_info;
/// registration padding info (?)
typedef struct {
uint16_t start_lines;
uint16_t end_lines;
uint16_t cropping_lines;
} freenect_reg_pad_info;
/// internal Kinect zero plane data
typedef struct {
float dcmos_emitter_dist; // Distance between IR camera and IR emitter, in cm.
float dcmos_rcmos_dist; // Distance between IR camera and RGB camera, in cm.
float reference_distance; // The focal length of the IR camera, in mm.
float reference_pixel_size; // The size of a single pixel on the zero plane, in mm.
} freenect_zero_plane_info;
/// all data needed for depth->RGB mapping
typedef struct {
freenect_reg_info reg_info;
freenect_reg_pad_info reg_pad_info;
freenect_zero_plane_info zero_plane_info;
double const_shift;
uint16_t* raw_to_mm_shift;
int32_t* depth_to_rgb_shift;
int32_t (*registration_table)[2]; // A table of 640*480 pairs of x,y values.
// Index first by pixel, then x:0 and y:1.
} freenect_registration;
// These allow clients to export registration parameters; proper docs will
// come later
FREENECTAPI freenect_registration freenect_copy_registration(freenect_device* dev);
FREENECTAPI int freenect_destroy_registration(freenect_registration* reg);
// convenience function to convert a single x-y coordinate pair from camera
// to world coordinates
FREENECTAPI void freenect_camera_to_world(freenect_device* dev,
int cx, int cy, int wz, double* wx, double* wy);
// helper function to map one FREENECT_VIDEO_RGB image to a FREENECT_DEPTH_MM
// image (inverse mapping to FREENECT_DEPTH_REGISTERED, which is depth -> RGB)
FREENECTAPI void freenect_map_rgb_to_depth( freenect_device* dev,
uint16_t* depth_mm, uint8_t* rgb_raw, uint8_t* rgb_registered );
#ifdef __cplusplus