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Non-blocking process events #43

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Philipp Hector Martin Drew Fisher

Added a non-blocking process events function freenect_process_events_timeout that essentially calls libusb_handle_events_timeout.

Hector Martin

The idea is good, but we're currently working on figuring out how to hook the Windows usb backend behind the fnusb abstraction layer and we don't want to complicate things right now.

You can have this functionality with the current API by passing in a libusb context allocated by you to freenect_init and then calling libusb_handle_events_timeout yourself on that context. Please use this method for now, while we work out what's going to happen with Windows. Once that is in, we'll figure out how to implement this and add it to the code api. Thanks :)

Drew Fisher zarvox closed this issue from a commit
Drew Fisher zarvox Add a non-blocking freenect_process_events_timeout().
This should make it easier to integrate libfreenect into some other event loop.

Fixes #43.

Signed-off-by: Drew Fisher <>
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