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Updated DepthFormat enum in C# wrapper #285

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@piedar piedar was assigned
@piedar piedar closed this pull request from a commit
@piedar piedar csharp: Update Enumerations.cs - fixes #285
Signed-off-by: Benn Snyder <>
@piedar piedar closed this in 90eea5a
@yarikoptic yarikoptic referenced this pull request from a commit in yarikoptic/libfreenect
@yarikoptic yarikoptic Merge tag 'v0.3.0' into dfsg
libfreenect v0.3.0 Nucleus

* tag 'v0.3.0':
  Update CMakeLists.txt for v0.3.0
  OpenNI2-FreenectDriver: update
  OpenNI2-FreenectDriver: OFF by default; pass -DBUILD_OPENNI2_DRIVER=ON to cmake to enable
  OpenNI2-FreenectDriver: reduce compiler warnings
  Added chunk processing callbacks for depth and video streams - fixes #351
  Fix missing semicolon in fakenect/record.c
  wrappers/cpp: Remove pureness from virtual callbacks - fixes #286
  Update CMakeLists.txt for v0.2.1
  wrappers/cpp: replace std::make_pair with and more compatible assignment - fixes #339
  wrappers/cpp: Stop loop before clearing devices (prevents hang on exit) - fixes #295
  OpenNI2-FreenectDriver: initial commit
  fakenect: Fix memory leaks - fixes #205
  csharp: Update Enumerations.cs - fixes #285
  Tweaks to freenect_flag commit
  Fix include of libusb.h in wrappers/cpp/libfreenect.hpp
  Make freenect_flags an actual flag enum
  Added Gentoo Linux ebuilds
  Added error reporting for failed subdevice initialization.
  Added a feature to use accelerometer data to rotate camera view in software when the camera is physically rotated such that the view on the screen is always upright even when the camera is upside down. Enabling it, and disabling it is done with the "r" key. Not on by default. I enabled several things that were disabled in the last patch, but only when rotation mode is toggled on.
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Commits on Apr 2, 2012
  1. @jroith

    add depth modes to C# wrapper.

    jroith authored
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  1. +3 −1 wrappers/csharp/src/lib/Enumerations.cs
4 wrappers/csharp/src/lib/Enumerations.cs
@@ -54,7 +54,9 @@ public enum DepthFormat : int
Depth11Bit = 0,
Depth10Bit = 1,
DepthPacked11Bit = 2,
- DepthPacked10Bit = 3
+ DepthPacked10Bit = 3,
+ DepthRegistered = 4,
+ DepthMm = 5
/// <summary>
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