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libfreenect for Java

This is an API decided to be familiar to most Java developers. Where 
possible, the native library details have been hidden from view.

The entry point into the API is the Freenect.createContext() static
factory method. This will initialize and return a Context which you
can then use to query for and interact with supported devices, like
the Microsoft Kinect. The the Javadoc for further details.

Building the library

This project is built with Maven and uses the standard maven build
phases. See for more details.

Quick start for Ubuntu:

  sudo apt-get install maven2
  mvn package

Using the library

The library requires a platform installed shared library of libfreenect
to be present in a standard location on the system. This is typically
/usr/lib or /usr/local/lib on unix-like platforms. dYou may also be able
to place the library in current directory to be loaded, but this is not