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v1.8.4: bugfixes

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@github-actions github-actions released this 03 Jul 20:37
· 255 commits to master since this release

Start by downloading OpenKneeboard-v1.8.4.msi; the documentation is on


  • Added path mapping for DCS F-4E
  • Added a note that a 'cross' by a path in the debug information for DCS paths does not indicate an error, just that the folder does not exist
  • Relabeled "Oculus" and "SteamVR" to "Legacy Oculus" and "Legacy SteamVR" in game settings to match VR settings
  • The installation path is now recorded in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Fred Emmott\OpenKneeboard\InstallationBinPath; this can be used to locate OpenKneeboard's API DLLs.


  • Fixed a crash when attempting to load corrupted PDF files
  • Fix rare crash or failure to load PDFs depending on system-specific timing
  • OpenXR API layer information in debug logs now correctly handles (and indicates) if there are invalid registry values, i.e. not DWORDs
  • Fixed rendering sometimes stalling or exceptions being raised due to ordering issues when rendering to cache and rendering from the same cache (switching the same resource between a shader resource and a render target)
  • Updated Windows App SDK to v1.5.4; this may improve cursor click handling in Web Dashboard tabs, and various other app issues