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demo for handling knowledge space descriptions (or other fields) using git
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ksdesc: The repository for KnowledgeSpace entity articles

All articles are written using markdown. For a handy markdown primer please see this excellent guide. Folders are CURIE prefixes, and CURIE fragments are filenames less the file extension. The each entry corrisponds to an entity identifier in KnowledgeSpace.


If you would like to contribute to an article, please fork and submit a pull request. The simplest way to accomplish this using github is as follows.

For an existing file:

  1. Click the edit (pencil) button on the upper right hand of a file.
  2. Modify the file.
  3. Write a commit title and message.
  4. Submit a pull request.

For a new file:

  1. Determine the identifer for which you wish to create an entry.
  2. Click the new file button at the top of the repository.
  3. Type into the Name your file box the CURIE prefix of the identifier followed by the suffix (e.g. MBA/
  4. Write your contribution.
  5. Write a commit title and message.
  6. Submit a pull request.
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