Latest commit 17b82ad Dec 12, 2016 @Henrybk Henrybk committed with farrainbow Use InventoryLists to manage cart and storage data
`%cart` and `%storage` are now removed - use `$char->cart` and `$char->storage`.

- `$cart{inventory}` is now `$char->cart->getItems`;
- all items in storage are now accessed as `$char->storage->getItems`;
- check if `$char` is defined before accessing cart or storage;
- there are now `$char->inventory->isReady`, `$char->cart->isReady` and `$char->storage->isReady` for things that need to wait before full inventory information is received. That replaces `$ai_v{inventory_time}`, `$ai_v{cart_time}` and `$ai_v{temp}{storage_opened}`.