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Open Liberty Project

Open Liberty is an open source implementation of Eclipse MicroProfile and Java EE from IBM. It is the foundation of the WebSphere Liberty app server.


  1. open-liberty open-liberty Public

    Open Liberty is a highly composable, fast to start, dynamic application server runtime environment

    1.1k 570

  2. Public

    Open Liberty Starter backend.

    Java 8 5

  3. Public

    Open Liberty website

    JavaScript 54 40

  4. ci.maven ci.maven Public

    Maven plugins for managing Liberty profile servers #devops

    Java 122 89

  5. sample-getting-started sample-getting-started Public

    Getting started sample

    Java 12 73

  6. space-rover-mission space-rover-mission Public

    Roam the universe with Open Liberty!

    Java 28 3


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