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Open Liberty is a highly composable, fast to start, dynamic application server runtime environment.

Table of Contents

Getting Started


You can download released versions and nightly build artifacts from:

Quick start

git clone
cd sample-getting-started
mvn clean package liberty:run-server

Open browser to http://localhost:9080/ and explore the demo application.

Open Liberty Guides

Visit the OpenLiberty website for a number of step by step guides.

Contribute to Open Liberty

Our CONTRIBUTING document contains details for submitting pull requests.

  1. Clone the repository to your system.

    git clone

  2. Run a gradle build.

    cd open-liberty/dev

    ./gradlew cnf:initialize

    ./gradlew assemble

  3. Run the unit or FAT tests.

    ./gradlew test for unit tests

    ./gradlew build.example_fat:buildandrun to run a FAT project

    NOTE: ./gradlew build runs the assemble and test tasks

  4. Perform a local release

    ./gradlew releaseNeeded

    NOTE: This task releases all projects to the local releaseRepo. The final openliberty zip can be found in


  5. Go Open issues, Review existing contributions, or Submit fixes.


  1. Open Liberty
  2. OpenLibertyIO on Twitter
  3. open-liberty tag on stackoverflow