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A list of openly available datasets in (mostly human) electrophysiology.
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Open Datasets in Electrophysiology

This is a list of openly available electrophysiological data, focused mainly on local field potential (LFP) type measurements from humans, specifically EEG, MEG, and ECoG/iEEG. This list is primarily maintained by Tom Donoghue.

A companion list of open tools is available here.


This list is curated by the VoytekLab, but all data is by and from external sources. We have not necessarily explored all of these datasets and offer no endorsement of ease-of-access and data quality, etc.

Everything listed here includes some openly-accessible data for research purposes, requiring, at most, registration for access. Be sure to check the license and/or usage agreements for any datasets you access.

Generally, what is described here are large scale collection projects, as well as any kind of dedicated databases for such data, including links to particular individual datasets of interest - though it doesn't necessarily list all individual datasets in a given database.

General Purpose Data Repositories

There are a few general purpose repositories that you can search for data:

  • Zenodo hosts datasets for individual studies. You can find available datasets by searching for 'eeg', 'meg', or similar, and selecting the 'Dataset' tag on the bottom left of the search page.
  • Open Science Framework is a platform for supporting open science, and includes, amongst other things, data hosting of open-datasets for specific studies. It doesn't seem to be easily searchable by data modality in particular, does does host relevant data, some of which are included in the listings below.
  • Figshare is a general repository service for a broad range of materials, and includes datasets. You can search for a data type, or other specifier, and the select 'type' as 'Dataset' to see available datasets.
  • Dryad is a repository service for scientific datasets, and includes data linked to specific papers, that is searchable, and includes some EEG/MEG/ECoG datasets.
  • Kaggle is a private company that hosts data analysis competition. These competitions typically release a dataset for us, and they also maintain a repository of available datasets.

Neuroscience Specific Data Repositories

  • OpenNeuro is a free and open platform for analyzing and sharing neuroimaging data. It is currently more focused on MRI datasetes, but includes at least one EEG-fMRI dataset, and may expand to include more electrophysiology data.

Data Journals

There are journals that specifically describe openly available datasets, such as Scientific Data and Data in Brief. Both of these are general purpose journals focused on publishing brief reports about openly available datasets (but do not host the data themselves).

There is also GigaScience, a general topic journal that publishes papers in which all associated data is uploaded to their database, GigaDB, that is searchable for specific datasets / datatypes, and does include some electrophysiology data.


If you know of a data source that is not listed here, let us know! To do so, you can open a Pull Request with the dataset added in to this file, or just open an issue and mention the dataset & link, and we'll add it in.

Also: if you have any trouble actually getting data from any of these sources, let us know, and we'll remove the listing.


ChildMind Institute

The ChildMind Institute is a non-profit that, amongst other things, is involved in large-scale research projects that release large datasets.

Project: Healthy Brain Networks

A large project including rest and task EEG data across a large adult cohort (n~1000).

Home Page - Data Portal - Paper

Project: Multimodal Resource for Studying Information Processing in the Developing Brain (MIPDB)

A project including rest and task EEG data across a young cohort, ages 6-44 (n=126).

Home Page - Data Portal - Paper


Physionet is an archive of physiology data, and includes some EEG data under the 'neuroelectric' tag.

Home Page - Data Portal - Paper

Available datasets include:

  • EEG Motor Movement / Imagery (n=109) Data

Patient Repository for EEG Data + Computational Tools (PREDICT)

PREDICT is a repository for EEG data, focused on patient data (collected in research settings).

Home Page - Data Portal - Paper

Temple University Hospital (TUH) Corpus

A large collection of EEG recorded in clinical settings (hospital data).

Home Page - Data Portal - Paper


EEGbase is a database for electrophysiological data.

Note: the website has a 'Add to Cart' & 'Complete Order' workflow, but the datasets are free.

Home Page - Data Portal - Paper

Available datasets include:

  • ERP Dataset, Visual P300 Paradigm (n=20): Paper
    • Note that this data is also available on GigaDB
  • ERP OddBall Design, Number Guessing Game (n=250): Paper
  • ERP dataset on Developmental Coordination Disorder (n=32): Paper
  • EEG activity using a driving simulator (n=15): Paper

Neuroimaging Tools & Resource Collaboratory (NITRC)

NITRC is a general purpose repository community board for neuroimaging tools, resources, and datasets. In general, is has more tools than datasets listed, and there is nothing specific to EEG about it, but it does contain some available EEG datasets.

Home Page - Paper

Available datasets include:

  • Visual Oddball Task (n=18): Data - Paper
  • Categorization Task (n=14): Data
  • Resting State fMRI/EEG (n=8): Data

BNCI Horizon 2020

A collection of BCI related EEG datasets.

Home Page

Montreal Archive of Sleep Studies (MASS)

MASS is a collection of whole night sleep recordings from approximately 200 participants, from hospital based sleep laboratories.

Home Page - Data Portal - Paper

National Sleep Research Resource

NSRR is a resource offering large collections of physiological signals, including polysomnography recordings with EEG from research studies and clinical collections.

Home Page - Data Portal - Paper

Individual EEG Datasets (Research Systems)

The following are datasets collected with research EEG systems:

  • Motor Imagery BCI Data (n=52): Data - Paper
  • Simultaneous EEG & NIRS during cognitive tasks (n=26): Data - Paper
  • EEG during grasp and lift (n=12): Data - Paper
  • EEG, MEG & fMRI data with perceptual task (n=19): Data - Paper
  • EEG data with TMS with visual perception task (n=16): Data - Paper
  • EEG with Motion Capture during treadmill walking (n=8): Data - Paper
  • EEG data with a visual spatial attention task (n=45): Data - Paper
  • EEG data with a visual working memory task, ERP design (n=104): Data - Paper
  • EEG data with a visual working memory task, CDA design (n=76): Data - Paper
  • EEG data with a covert visual spatial attention task (n=50): Data - Paper
  • OpenMIIR: EEG data during music perception and imagination (n=10): Home Page - Data
  • EEG data from subjects napping after a working memory task (n=22) Data - Paper
  • DEAP: Database for Emotion Analysis, EEG data + video recording, while watching videos (n=32) Data - Paper
  • A collection of EEG tasks with speech studies (n=84, split across 5 tasks) Data - Paper

Individual EEG Datasets (Consumer Systems)

The following are avaialable datasets collected with consumer EEG systems:

  • MNIST of Brain Data from MindBigData (n=1 with 1.2 million trials): Data
  • ImageNet of the Brain from MindBigData (n=1 with 70,000 trials): Data

Other lists of EEG Data

SCCN List:


Open MEG Archive (OMEGA)

OMEGA is a open-access repository for MEG data, in which individual researchers can deposit their data.

Home Page - Paper

Human Connectome Project (HCP)

The Human-Connectome Project is a large, multi-site project, mostly focused on MRI, but includes a subset of MEG data.

Home Page

Cambridge Center for Ageing Neuroscience (CAMCAN)

CAMCAN includes task & rest data from a large cohort, balanced in age from age 18-88 (n=652).

Home Page

Miscellaneous Individual MEG Datasets

  • Classification of Multimodal Stimulus Presentation - Visual & Auditory (n=52): Data - Paper
  • Multi-subject, multimodal face processing: face processing dataset including fMRI, MEG, EEG (n=16): Data - Paper


MNI Open iEEG Atlas

The MNI Open iEEG atlas is a repository of iEEG data from a multi-center collection project (n=106).

Home Page is an NIH supported repository of intracranial EEG data.

Home Page

University of Pennsylvania Computational Memory Lab

Electrophysiological data

Home Page

RAM project

Home Page

Stanford Collection of ECoG Data

A collection a 16 tasks across a group of ECoG patients (n=250).

Home Page - Paper


NeuroTycho is as collection of mostly monkey ECoG data.

Home Page


Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS)

A collection of data, mostly animal models, including extra-cellular recordings, and some animal model ECoG & iEEG.

Home Page - Data Portal - Paper

Buzsáki Lab Webshare

This contains electrophysiological datasets collected from rodents in the Buzsáki lab.

Home Page - Buzsáki lab website

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