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The Open Logic Project is (so far only a nascent attempt at) an open-source, collaborative textbook of formal (meta)logic and formal methods for philosophers, starting at an intermediate level (i.e., after an introductory formal logic course). If successful, it will be possible to use stock or modified versions of the text for free under a Creative Commons license.

It will have the following features:

  • Modular: Topics will be covered in section-sized chunks, allowing users to select which topics "their" version of the text will cover, in what order, in what depth, and including which exercises.
  • Configurable: Typesetting and notation will be configurable as much as possible, so that individual preferences (e.g., between Latin and Greek letters for formulas, arrow or horseshoe for the conditional symbol) can easily be accommodated.
  • Adaptable: Alternative treatments of the same topics can be substituted for each other to tailor the text to a specific audience (e.g., results can be made relative to different proof systems as students at different institutions use different introductory texts).
  • Integrated: the LaTeX source will make use of stock and custom packages facilitating the seamless integration of different authors' contributions and the production of bibliographies, indices, etc.
  • Open: Users can contribute their own expositions and exercises, report "bugs" (typos, errors and omissions, etc.), and request "features" (additional results)

To get the LaTeX source code of the text, you may simply download it or use git.

An introduction to git is here:

There is a mailing list at: