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OpenMAMA middleware and payload bridge for Avis (No Longer Maintained)
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OpenMAMA middleware and payload bridge for Avis (No Longer Maintained)


The Avis bridge was the first middleware and payload bridge implementation ever written for OpenMAMA. After a bright start, it became a little neglected because it didn't have native support for the complex data types required for Order Books in its payload (i.e. vectors of messages). It fell further into disregard after qpid was released which did have support for order books in its payload implementation, to the point where it eventually became a burden to maintain as the user base had already abandoned it in favour of qpid and the various other implementations available.

End of Support

The last available release of OpenMAMA supporting this middleware bridge was 2.4.1 (which this repository is a snapshot of). If you are using a version of OpenMAMA more recent than that, you're on your own if you run this bridge.

For further details please see the original mailing list post:

Want to resurrect the project?

If you want to bring this project back to life, please feel free to fork this repository and take over maintainership of it if you like! If you let us know, we'll help in any way we can to help you along and raise awareness of your efforts.

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