OpenMDAO is a high-performance computing platform for systems analysis and optimization that enables you to decompose your models, making them easier to build and maintain, while still solving them in a tightly-coupled manner with efficient parallel numerical methods.
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This code, now known as OpenMDAO1, is now supplanted by the OpenMDAO 2.0.x Alpha.

The OpenMDAO 1.7.3 codebase repo has been renamed to OpenMDAO1, and it resides here at

The OpenMDAO 2.0.x code has taken the name OpenMDAO, and it resides at

Installation of 2.0.x code will now work with pip install openmdao.
Installation of 1.7.3 code will now only work with a version specifier: pip install openmdao==1.7.3

To use the OpenMDAO v0.x legacy version (versions 0.13.0 and older) of the OpenMDAO-Framework, go here:

To install OpenMDAO 1.X : Install Python, Pip, Numpy, and Scipy. (Anaconda Python, comes bundled with everything you need: ).

Next, clone OpenMDAO repository:

git clone

Lastly, install it in development mode (from the parent directory):

pip install -e OpenMDAO1

For more information, visit our website at:

or read our docs at: