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OpenMEAP 1.5.0
- iOS 8 Updates
- Migration from OCUnit to XCTest
- Admin Interface Updates
OpenMEAP 1.4.5
- Windows Phone alpha implementation
- Removal of old java Blackberry project
- Updates to use BlackBerry 10 in Eclipse with Android
OpenMEAP 1.4.0
- Complete redesign of the admin interface
- Updates to installers for Mac, Linux and Windows
- Removing the title bar on Android
OpenMEAP 1.3.3
- Enabled OpenMEAP to work with Amazon AWS Marketplace
OpenMEAP 1.3.2
- Enabled OpenMEAP to work with Citrix's MDX product
OpenMEAP 1.3.1
- Enabled OpenMEAP to work on JBoss EWS 2.0 using Redhat's OpenShift platform
OpenMEAP 1.3.0 release
- Enabled session and local storage for Android
- Created installers for Mac, Linux and Windows
OpenMEAP 1.3.0rc2
- Removing the scroll bars on Android
- Enabled geo location for Android
- Fixed Mobile Banking services and quickstart samples
- Added sample applications for geo location and local storage
- Updated .classpath settings to use Tomcat 7 by default
- Updated Java .classpath settings to use JavaSE 1.6 by default
OpenMEAP 1.3.0rc1
- Bug fixes
OpenMEAP 1.2.1b
- Synchronized error handling between the java SLIC and iOS
OpenMEAP 1.2.0b
- Blackberry implementation
OpenMEAP 1.1.1a
- Bug fixes and refactoring
- ClusterNodes are now notified of their identity
- ClusterNode health checker
- removed the blackberry project, as does not really belong yet
- add/modify/delete ModelManager operations are now atomic
OpenMEAP 1.1.0a
- Bug fixes and refactoring
- Automated deployment history maintenance
- The ability to delete versions
- Archive distribution to the cluster is deferred to deployment
- Relaxed requirement that current SLIC version be known by app mgmt
- Added "last modifier", "last modifier", and "creator" fields to Application, ApplicationVersion, and Deployment, respectively
OpenMEAP 1.0.4a
- Fixed JavaSE settings. Still not quite where we want it to be JavaEE
OpenMEAP 1.0.3a
- Added com.openmeap.slic.updatePendingTimeout
- Cleaned up the JPA configuration some, making it more flexible
- Fixed the https development mode for iOS
- Correct licensing, so that everything is, in fact, LGPLv3
OpenMEAP 1.0.2a
- Corrected openmeap.debuglevel for JDK7 (a little pickier, apparently)
- Removed iOS OmSlicConnectionHandler's NSURLAuthenticationMethodServerTrust
- fixed android-slic build.xml "nodeps" target name
- More documentation updates
- More dependency resolution fixes to ivy.xml
- Corrected a casting issue in ServletUtils of shared-serverside
OpenMEAP 1.0.1a
- Removed com.openmeap.util.Utils::sendFile(), as was causing an issue
in Android and was unused code
- Corrected instructions in the quickstart-eclipse.txt file
- Added spring-beans and spring-core to the serverside ivy.xml
OpenMEAP 1.0.0a
- Initial implementation