Add basic user management for administrators #1

merged 65 commits into from May 15, 2013

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This PR features two new pages for admins:

  • Add new user (no verification needed)
  • Search users, edit and delete them

Note that some configuration changes are needed, just have a look at the configuration file template.

Aside from that, it also shows a 'Resend verification email' link when someone tries to register an already created account that hasn't been verified yet.

adobo added some commits Feb 26, 2013
@adobo adobo Add 'Create user' page for admins ae90f69
@adobo adobo Hide admin section title for non-admin users a149eb0
@adobo adobo Add basic user search interface 83d8e9f
@adobo adobo Add searchUsers method to LDAP storage class 6957671
@adobo adobo Make the search form actually search for users ae70a29
@adobo adobo Fix translations 2947733
@adobo adobo Add some more translations 04fa3b7
@adobo adobo Change button size 6bd3d9f
@adobo adobo Return user id attribute when searching for users
Generate modify and remove links
@adobo adobo Trim search pattern ba7bb97
@adobo adobo Let administrator remove users f15e7af
@adobo adobo Show admin links even when current user is not logged as an admin user a8a89bb
@adobo adobo Use SSP URL helper methods da2ebea
@adobo adobo Rework the whole layout system 7e978f3
@adobo adobo Fix debug message on LdapMod 122c04b
@adobo adobo Add initial support for modifying users 5021f32
@adobo adobo Add functional 'Edit user' for admins 2c6414c
@adobo adobo Fix i18n message dc6f4f9
@adobo adobo Fix warning when passwords don't match after receiving user token 4d2df45
@adobo adobo Add a 'Resend verification email' link when someone tries to register…
… an already taken uid but hasn't verified it yet
@adobo adobo Use a more friendly text for 'Resend verification token' d6b3061
@adobo adobo Fix indentation. Add some documentation regarding valid sections e8d3754
@adobo adobo Honour read only setting ac48373
@adobo adobo Fix read only fields when creating a new user 74e981c
@adobo adobo Reindent Validation.php d19f680
@adobo adobo Specify the user id that was just created 30919d5
@adobo adobo Remove mentions to admin.additional_attributes 46c670a
@adobo adobo Add a checkbox to send an email to the user after the account creatio…
…n. Still not functional
@adobo adobo Send email with user account details 4341ec8
@adobo adobo Add links to admin actions after creating a new account 3d45ab9
@adobo adobo Add cancel button to account modification page for admins f646f0d
@adobo adobo Change 'sendemail' text 596172e
@adobo adobo Use literal attribute names if they were not included in config file e0aa06c
@adobo adobo Enforce password policy when creating an account 51b2f11
@adobo adobo Enforce password policy when modifying an user 21828bd
@adobo adobo Rename two admin templates for consistency 071146f
@adobo adobo Add option to auto generate passwords d2d5298
@adobo adobo Add missing JS file dd18950
@adobo adobo Fix a problem with special characters on searches a5dfb09
@adobo adobo Show admin links even when not logged in ed827f4
@adobo adobo Encrypt userPassword using configured algorithm 1ba64d0
@adobo adobo Add eduPersonAffiliation to forms (still not functional) 20f4ea6
@adobo adobo Add affiliations when creating a new user d91aade
@adobo adobo Do not encrypt passwords twice eba0819
@adobo adobo Add option to specify a minimum search string length a703a5b
@adobo adobo Add new filter option to configure how search should work 05aa20c
@adobo adobo Add a checkbox to send user account details to user after modifications caa9b76
@adobo adobo Add missing mail template e6b9609
@adobo adobo Make searchable attributes configurable 7e61240
@adobo adobo Add result pagination support (configurable) 08408c9
@adobo adobo Remove unused file 88a241d
@adobo adobo Move comment about layout settings above its definition 82c1dda
OpenMOOC member

I found a bug, Im an admin and I created a new user.
The user recieved the email with the credentials but when he tries that credential, the log in failed.

I checked the user entry at the phpldap admin and seems that the password was not stored.

OpenMOOC member

When the prevous bug is fixed, merge this branch in master.

Also create a doc file with the changes that must be set in the module_userregistration.php


Can't reproduce this bug. Can you provide your current module_userregistration.php configuration file?


After examining your configuration file, seems that the definition for the userPassword attribute is commented, so the module doesn't know how to write it to the LDAP server.

OpenMOOC member

You are right, my fault.

adobo added some commits May 8, 2013
@adobo adobo Refactor mail settings 094f53d
@adobo adobo Use Util::sendEmail wrapper everywhere instead of raw Mailer 08090ab
@adobo adobo Add initial support for multivalued attributes b10724c
@adobo adobo Rename JS file 4b68b14
@adobo adobo Make multivalued attributes UI work 386b63d
@adobo adobo Changed sample eduPersonAffiliation validate value
Accepting an array for this attribute requires the flag 'FILTER_REQUIRE_ARRAY' as
a 'flag' key inside the validate array
@adobo adobo Add initial support for storing multivalued attributes
Now multiple values for an attribute are accepted and stored as expected
@adobo adobo Sanitize values: remove repeated and empty ones
Values are uniq'ed() and empty elements are just removed. This solves some
LDAP issues with them
@adobo adobo Add massive remove option
A checkbox on each row lets you choose which users you want to be removed.
After choosing as many as you want, just click on the 'Remove selected users'.

A confirmation page is shown too.

There is some work still to do, mainly related to UX:

* A checkbox to select/unselect all the rows
* Disable the button when no rows were selected
@adobo adobo Reorganize steps order
Code was really messy and difficult to read. Now the different
steps/stages can be found in reverse order (from stage 4 to stage 1)
@adobo adobo Show registration steps hint on top
Shows a wizard-like layout on top, showing the remaining steps before user
is actually registered
@adobo adobo Show a link to 'Lost my password' when registering an already used email 7444b92
@adobo adobo Use appropriate titles on each step
Some steps did not have a title. Now all of them have it
@adobo adobo merged commit 3716190 into master May 15, 2013
@adobo adobo deleted the manageusers branch May 15, 2013
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