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tmvumbi and dkayiwa Fix module activator (#4)
* Fix module activator

The class BasicModuleActivator was implementing Activator (currently deprecated); this resulted to the module failing to start. This commit fixes the issue by extending BaseModuleActivator.

* Remove unused dependency

The dependency org.openmrs.api is not needed by the basic module
Latest commit 71bd75d Sep 19, 2018
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.settings Updates to the mavenization of hte basic module - TRUNK-1733 Feb 8, 2011
api Fix module activator (#4) Sep 19, 2018
omod Follow up fixes for parent POM May 27, 2015
.gitignore Added .gitignore and README files Jul 18, 2012


A demonstration module for new OpenMRS module developers


This is a very basic module which can be used as a starting point in creating a new module.

Building from Source

You will need to have Java 1.6+ and Maven 2.x+ installed. Use the command 'mvn package' to compile and package the module. The .omod file will be in the omod/target folder.

Alternatively you can add the snippet provided in the Creating Modules page to your omod/pom.xml and use the mvn command:

mvn package -P deploy-web -D deploy.path="../../openmrs-1.8.x/webapp/src/main/webapp"

It will allow you to deploy any changes to your web resources such as jsp or js files without re-installing the module. The deploy path says where OpenMRS is deployed.


  1. Build the module to produce the .omod file.
  2. Use the OpenMRS Administration > Manage Modules screen to upload and install the .omod file.

If uploads are not allowed from the web (changable via a runtime property), you can drop the omod into the ~/.OpenMRS/modules folder. (Where ~/.OpenMRS is assumed to be the Application Data Directory that the running openmrs is currently using.) After putting the file in there simply restart OpenMRS/tomcat and the module will be loaded and started.

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