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ESP32 Hobby Servo Driver


  • Drives up to fifteen Servos
  • Onboard linear 3.3 Volt DC regulator via AZ1117E


  • 5 to 6 Volt Operating Voltage
  • 2 Amp servo power rail capacity (Whole board)


Take control of your Robotics, and smart home projects with this WiFi enabled Hobby Servo Driver. The Open MYR ESP32.24 is a WiFi Hobby Servo all-in-one package. The ESP32.24 combines everything you need for control of up to fifteen hobby servos over WiFi utilizing an Espressif ESP32. The ESP32.24 is preloaded with Open MYR firmware for out of the box functionality, just power up and go.


  • Hobby projects
  • Robotics
  • Smart Home



Pin Mapping


ESP pin Board
3V3 ESP 3.3V supply
GPIO 4 Servo D
GPIO 12 Servo 7
GPIO 13 LED Indicators
GPIO 14 Servo 6
GPIO 15 Servo 8
GPIO 16 Servo E
GPIO 17 Servo F
GPIO 18 Servo C
GPIO 19 Servo B
GPIO 21 Servo A
GPIO 22 Servo 9
GPIO 25 Servo 3
GPIO 26 Servo 4
GPIO 27 Servo 5
GPIO 32 Servo 1
GPIO 33 Servo 2
RXD Serial Rx
TXD Serial Tx
GND Ground connection

Servo interface

Interface ESP pin
Servo 1 GPIO 32
Servo 2 GPIO 33
Servo 3 GPIO 25
Servo 4 GPIO 26
Servo 5 GPIO 27
Servo 6 GPIO 14
Servo 7 GPIO 12
Servo 8 GPIO 15
Servo 9 GPIO 22
Servo A GPIO 21
Servo B GPIO 19
Servo C GPIO 18
Servo D GPIO 4
Servo E GPIO 16
Servo F GPIO 17

Programming Port

The two by three 0.1" pin header programming port is designed to facilitate reprogramming of the ESP32. The ESP may be programmed while being powered from VCC or the 3V3 pin. The programming port implements the Auto program interface, utilizing DTR and RTS to control the EN and GPIO 0 pins.

Pin Function
3V3 3.3 Volt DC
TX Serial Tx
RX Serial Rx
RTS Auto Program Interface
DTR Auto Program Interface
GND Ground connection