A database of reverse-engineered formats used by Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.
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Mafia formats

This repository contains known reverse-engineered binary format specifications with sample parsers and documentation.


How to use

To compile the documentation, you need to make sure go-specgen is installed and within your $PATH variable.

Usage: Documentation

Simply run compile.sh to generate the documentation.

Usage: Parser utility

Some formats might have sample read/write tools written, so you can easily read and dump the binary data in various formats. Check out the parsers directory.

To run parsers written in Go language, make sure you have Go installed, then simply:

go run parsers/<format>/go/*.go --file=<path-to-file>

such as

go run parsers/textdb/go/*.go --file=<gamedir>/tables/textdb_cz.def


Reference utils output all data into standard output and make use of standard error for error reporting. You can make use of the *nix power to manipulate outputted JSON data easily.


This repository is licensed under Apache 2.0 license. See COPYING.MD for more information.