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Initially, campaign finance information for the 2019 Portland Mayoral Elections.
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Publishing campaign finance information to the web!

We are starting with the 2019 Portland Mayoral Candidates, and the July semi-annual reports.

Group discussions on the #p-campaignfinances channel on the OpenMaine Slack. Please go to to find a link to join our Slack, plus more information about OpenMaine.

Also, please see the Wiki tab above for more info.

A version of this is on the web

at ... but it doesn't automatically pull from github yet.

Whoa, how do I make a local ('my own') copy of these files?

First, just look at the green "Clone or download" button on the upper left. You can "Download ZIP" to get your own copy this way. Open the .zip file and navigate to the index.html file... this should open 'the website' (but not on the web) in your browser.

If you will be contributing, see some info here: (but, alas, there is much more to learn)

Nutshell process to contribute code, w/o branching, on the command line:

  1. Clone repo, as described in the link above you now have a local copy, in a new directory called "Campaign-Finance"
  2. cd into that directory
  3. edit
  4. (check your work!)
  5. here's how to push it back up:
git add .
git commit -m 'message about what I did'
git push

The first line adds all your changes, to a staging area. The second line 'commits' those; make sure you include a meaningful message. The last line actually makes the changes on GitHub.

I don't ever use the desktop client, so can't help you there.

Also, there is tons to learn about branching, which is the better way to work.

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