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Welcome to the Meridian 59 Server 105 wiki!


To download and play the game, create an account and download a game client installer from the Server 105 website.


If you are unfamiliar with git and GitHub, read the GitHub guide first. This will tell you how to download the repository, set up the GitHub Desktop software and how to submit your changes.

Once you've downloaded the repository, check out the Build Instructions for compiling the server and client. Documentation for the server and client is available in the /doc/ folder of the repository, and is in the process of being converted to markdown files for online reading (see the README file in the /doc/ folder).

For working with Meridian 59's scripting language (Blakod, also known as 'kod') you will need a good text editor. Notepad++ is recommended, as there is a kod language plugin available to colorise the language in Notepad++.

If you don't already have an application to search through multiple source code files, SearchMyFiles is a great application for doing so (and fast, if you set it to ignore binary filetypes such as .roo and .ogg).

If you want to create new rooms or modify existing ones, download the new Meridian 59 room editor. There is an older room editor in this repository (the /roomedit/ directory) but it is far harder to use.

There is also a new 3D Meridian 59 client using the Ogre engine - the repository can be found here. The wiki for the 3D Ogre client project contains more information on developing for the game.

If you have any questions about Meridian 59 development, feel free to drop into the IRC channel #Meridian59de on EsperNet (irc.esper.net). If you need an IRC client, HexChat is a lightweight, fast, cross-platform client, or use IRCCloud if you're looking for a web-based IRC solution.


Forums - Meridian 59 community forums.

3D Ogre engine client GitHub page - New Meridian 59 3D Ogre client.

Room editor GitHub page - Meridian 59 room editor.

Notepad++ plugin for kod GitHub page