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OMEconomy for OpenSim (Payment Provider Version : Simulator-Version 0.9.0


Code and binaries in develop branch are compatible with inoffical OpenSim 0.9.0.

Using the Open Metaverse Currency

Follow me

Installation of the Modules

Please get the OMEconomy zip archive for your OpenSimulator version from the folder compiled/. Extract the containing files to the root directory of OpenSimulator.


To enable the currency system you have to modify your OpenSim.ini configuration file and add the following lines:

  enabled = true
  OMEconomyInitialize =    ""
  GridShortName =          "GridShortName"
  OMBaseEnvironment =      "TEST"
  OMCurrencyEnvironment =  "TEST"

The parameter "GridShortName" (e.g. OSGrid) is a unique identifier for your grid - please choose it carefully because it can not be changed any more.

Mono certificates

To enable trusted https connections you must install CA certificates for mono. Please see the Mono SecurityFAQ for further information about why this is required.

To install the certificates type

mozroots --import --ask-remove

on your command line. This must be done as the user that will run OpenSimulator.exe. Alternatively you can install the certificates system wide:

sudo mozroots --machine --import -ask-remove


Restart your OpenSimulator and check for success in the logfile OpenSim.log. To verify that your region is OMC-enabled please check your logs (OpenSim.log) and search for the entries

13:01:50 - [PLUGINS]: Plugin Loaded: OMBaseModule
13:01:50 - [PLUGINS]: Plugin Loaded: OMCurrencyModule
13:01:50 - [REGIONMODULES]: From plugin OMBaseModule, (version 0.1), loaded 1 modules, 1 shared, 0 non-shared 0 unknown
13:01:50 - [REGIONMODULES]: From plugin OMCurrencyModule, (version 0.1), loaded 1 modules, 1 shared, 0 non-shared 0 unknown
13:01:50 - [OMECONOMY]: getGatewayURL(

If the currency service is NOT available or you can not find any [OMBASE] or [OMECONOMY] entries, or your simulator does not even start please read this tutorial again and follow the steps carefully.


Next you have to register your grid with the gateway by executing "OMRegister" at the simulator's command prompt. You are requested for your grids name and the admin avatar's UUID. If the registration process succeeds your are provided with a link to be put into a simple prim object.

Region (region_name) # OMRegister
[OMECONOMY]: | Your grid identifier is "GridShortName"
[OMECONOMY]: | Please enter the grid's full name: GridShortName
[OMECONOMY]: | Please enter the avatarUUID of the grid's admin: 123
[OMECONOMY]: | Please visit
[OMECONOMY]: | to get the Terminal's script
Region (region_name) #

If all steps succeeded you can register your avatars using this Script. Change the first line of the script to match your grid's identifier, e.g.

string  GRIDNAME = "OSGrid";

and put it into a prim box. After the script started the object changes it's shape to a green V.

Switch to the Productive Environment

After successfully testing the Open Metaverse Currency with toy money you can easily switch to the productive system that supports real money. The dlls for test and productive system are the same but you have to modify the [OpenMetaverseEconomy] section in the file OpenSim.ini and restart your servers.

  enabled = true
  OMEconomyInitialize =    ""
  GridShortName =          "GridShortName"
  OMBaseEnvironment =      "LIVE"
  OMCurrencyEnvironment =  "LIVE"

Further you have to change the line

string SERVER = ""; // test system


string SERVER = ""; // production system

in the registration-terminal-script.

After that you have to register with the productive environment by executing "OMRegister" again.

To actually use the OMC with real money in your grid we have to manually add it to the system. To do so please send an email to and provide your GridShortName. Finally, your grid’s avatars have to register again with VirWoX’ productive system by clicking onto the registration terminal with the modified script.

Compile the Sources

Clone the repository and copy the contents of addon-modules/OMEconomy/ into addon-modules/ of your OpenSimulator root directory and recompile OpenSimulator (for Linux use and nant('xbuild')).

This yields in two files bin/OMEconomy.OMBase.dll and bin/OMEconomy.OMCurrency.dll in root directory of your OpenSimulator instance.

  • For OpenSimulator please use the code from branch opensim-v0.7.6.3.
  • For OpenSimulator 0.8.1 please use the code from branch opensim-v0.8.1.
  • For OpenSimulator 0.8.2 please use the code from branch opensim-v0.8.2.