OMA LightweightM2M specifications and LwM2M Developer Tool Kit for public review.
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OMA LwM2M for Developers

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OMA LightweightM2M specifications for public review.

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OMA LwM2M Developer ToolKit

LwM2M Tools Developed by OMA:

LwM2M Tools Developed by the Community:

OMA LwM2M Events


Version 1.0

Lightweight M2M 1.0 enabler introduces the following features below for the initial release:

  • Simple Object based resource model
  • Resource operations of creation/retrieval/update/deletion/configuration of attribute
  • Resource observation/notification
  • TLV/JSON/Plain Text/Opaque data format support
  • UDP and SMS transport layer support
  • DTLS based security
  • Queue mode for NAT/Firewall environment
  • Multiple LWM2M Server support
  • Basic M2M functionalities: LWM2M Server, Access Control, Device, Connectivity, Firmware Update, Location, Connectivity Statistics.
OMA Enabler Version Description
LwM2M V1.0 Lightweight Machine to Machine Protocol
LwM2M ConnMgmt V1.0 LightweightM2M Object Connectivity Management
LwM2M SwMgmt V1.0 LightweightM2M Object Software Management
LwM2M LockWipe V1.0 LightweightM2M Object Lock & Wipe
LwM2M DevCapMgmt V1.0 LightweightM2M Object Device Capability Management
M2MInterface V1.0 Management Interface for M2M