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OMA LwM2M Developer ToolKit.

This wiki was created by OMA to support the development of OMA LightWeightM2M implementations, (LwM2M). LwM2M is a device management protocol that allows the remote manipulation of constrained devices in the Internet of Things, IoT. LwM2M uses CoAP, Constrained Application Protocol as a transport mechanism.

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Standardized protocols are of paramount importance for creating a level-playing field on top of which developers can build their own applications.

The ToolKit defines a set of developers' tools. Some of these tools are created by OMA and others are created by the LwM2M Community.

Tools created by OMA

  • OMA LWM2M Protocol

  • LwM2M Technical Summary

    • OMA LwM2M Technical Summary allows end-users to quickly gain a technical overview of LwM2M.
      • PNG
        • 3 MB, zoom in to see details e.g. by clicking on diagram (if display issues try clearing browser cache)
      • Interactive PDF
        • 2.4 MB, save PDF file (e.g. to local disk) and open with PDF viewer that supports interactive PDF files e.g. latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. Uses Flash file format.
  • Client Simulator, DevKit

    • It allows end-users to interact with messages sent between the Client and the Server, DevKit.
  • OMA LwM2M Issues in GitHub

    • The Bugs/Issues tab in this repository is used by the industry to submit bugs against OMA LwM2M specifications.
  • OMNA LwM2M Registry in GitHub

    • The registration of OMA LwM2M Objects and Resources now is in GitHub, OMNA LwM2M Registry. You can use the LwM2M Editor to start the registration process by submitting an Issue with your registration.
  • Data Model

    • OMA owns a register called OMNA, which is used to register LwM2M Objects & Resources created by OMA, other Standards Development Organizations (SDO), e.g. IPSO Alliance or private companies and individuals. OMNA provides an unique identifier for each of these Objects and Resources.
  • Object & Resource Editor

    • OMA has developed an online LwM2M Editor. The editor allows: create, update, import and export Objects/Resources. LwM2m data model is structured in Objects and Resources. This model is used to represent sensors connected to the LwM2M Client. This information is exposed to the LwM2M Server installed in the Cloud, which can remotely manipulate the sensors connected to the LwM2M Client.
  • OMA LwM2M TestFets & Workshops Events

    • OMA organizes TestFests to test LwM2M Client/Server implementations as well as Hands-on Workshops to demo the installation of a LwM2M Client in specific hardware boards.
  • Product Listing

    • Product Listing is a list of companies and products that participated in previous OMA TestFest Events.

Tools created by the LwM2M Community:

The LwM2M Community is formed by OMA or non-OMA members that have an interest in LwM2M and are prepared to contribute to support the adoption of the LWM2M protocol. The current initiatives are:

  • AVSystem Anjay

  • Eclipse Foundation Open Source Code

  • Eclipse Sandbox - Leshan Server

    • Leshan Server is a test server used by LwM2M developers to test their Client implementations.
  • LwM2M LabKit

    • LabKit contains a list of platforms with sensors, IDE, libraries, that can be used with LwM2M.
  • LwM2M Demos

    • Demo pages are guidelines that describe step by step how to connect install a LwM2M Client in a hardware board and connect some sensors.
  • LwM2M Test Server

    • LwM2M Test Server Nokia Device Certification Program based on OMA LwM2M. To access the LwM2M Test Server copy the following URL into a new browser window:
  • Vorto

  • Community

OMA LwM2M Events

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