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2020 Apr Virtual TestFest

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Virtual TestFest (VTF)

  • This VTF replaces the planned Montpelier TestFest: April 20th - 24th.
  • Each participating team will test remotely from the comfort of their office/lab or home.
  • The VFT will take place during the same week as the Montpelier TestFest: April 20 - 24.

Virtual Test Environment


Your Client or Server needs to be assigned a Public IP Address:

  • Participating teams will be required to provide their own public IP address
  • Client Participants - Will be required to provide their own SIM cards. A SIM card from your local Operator will provide a public IP address for your LwM2M Client Device.

What you need to know

Possible Testing Times

  • The schedule of the test sessions will depend on the geographical location of each participating team.
  • See below for the suggested time-slots during testing:


TestFest Flow

  • OMA staff will agree on the VTF Sessions (date/time) in advance with each participating team.
  • The collaborating tools for the VTF Sessions will be tested and made available a week before the VTF commencing.


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