LwM2M Lab Kit

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Raspberry Pi 3

OMA LwM2M Client Running in a Raspberry Pi 3


1. OMA LwM2M Object/Resource Editor

2. IoTerop LwM2M Client

3. Gateway Microsoft SDK

4. Grove Digital Relay

5. Grove Temperature Sensor

6. Raspberry-PI-3

7. Leshan LwM2M Server

8. Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

9. Local Leshan LwM2M Server

10. Binary (LwM2M Client + Sensors)


  • Implement LwM2M Client in a Raspberry Pi 3. 6
  • The Raspberry Pi board is connected to two sensors: relay 4 & temperature 5.
  • The value of these sensors are controlled and observed by the:

Grove Sensors 4, 5

  • The Grove sensors are very easy to use and well documented in terms of the interfacing with different platforms. Each sensor is given a unique ID; as defined by IPSO Alliance.
  • The IOTEROP team has implemented all the IPSO Alliance objects on their SDK and registered in the database of sensors.

Binary 10

  • The binary contains (LwM2M Client + Relay sensor + Temperature sensor) code, is available here

Leshan LwM2M Server 7

LwM2M Objects/Resource Editor 1

  • OMA has developed a LwM2M Editor for creating LwM2M Objects & Resources.
  • These objects are resources can be registered OMNA LwM2M Registry


See FRDM-K64F presentation from May 2016 Workshop

Getting Started

Please familiarise with the following instructions:

Arduino Yun

alt text

Arduino Yun Topology

alt text

Two possibilities: see Arduino Presentation from May 2016 Workshop from May Workshop.

  • Using an Arduino LwM2M library in the ATmega which manages a wakaama client executed in the AR9331.

    • The Wakaama client is managed through a command line prompt
  • Installing Wakaama LwM2M Client in the AR9331 using LininoIO to manage the peripherals.

    • GPIO/ADC/PWM/I2C ports are connected directly to the ATmega.

Please refer to https://github.com/HOP-Ubiquitous/OMA-ArduinoYun to view the code and guidelines.


alt text alt text
Grove - Base Shield V1.3
Grove - Sensors

HOP Family

HOP Extended Platform

alt text

  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity
  • Noise
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity
  • Buzzer
  • LEDs
  • Buttons
  • Rechargeable battery
  • External antenna support

HOP Core Ptatform

alt text

See Demo information.


  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity
  • Noise
  • LEDs
  • Buttons
  • Bluetooth
  • External antenna support