San Diego TestFest Product Listing

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LwM2M TestFest Event in San Diego, CA, USA

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January 18 to 21, 2016

Awa LightweightM2M by Imagination
Open Source Awa LightweightM2M is an implementation of the OMA Lightweight M2M protocol that provides a secure and standards compliant device management solution to simplify the development of M2M applications by providing an intuitive API that enables customization without the need for an intimate knowledge of M2M protocols.
SensorLogic Application Enablement Platform
More Product Information: Gemalto has implemented a comprehensive support of LWM2M for its M2M application enablement and device management solution. (from the client within a device / Cinterion wireless module to the SensorLogic platform). Especially designed for constrained devices, Gemalto has engineered a LWM2M Client for out-of-the-box cloud-enablement of Java ME Cinterion Modules and Terminals. On the server side, Gemalto performed well at the past Jan 2016 OMA TestFest with a top test-case coverage, showing our leadership and involvement in the LWM2M ecosystem.
TestFest Results Gemalto Client Results (PDF)

Gemalto Server Results (PDF)

Altiux Innovations Pvt Ltd
Connectivity Middleware – BoxPwr
More Product Information: BoxPwr - Our connectivity middleware is a comprehensive framework of software stacks to develop future ready nodes and gateways to enable cutting edge IoT solutions. BoxPwr is a universal framework that can be used across standards and vendor equipment.

BoxPwr leverages our LWM2M solution (with both client and Server Implementations) for device and application data management. Device management includes functions such as bootstrapping, device configuration, firmware update and fault management. Application data management includes reporting, configuration and control. Our LWM2M solution is highly interoperable and scalable which can be used across various M2M applications.

TestFest Results Altiux Innovations Client Results (PDF)

Altiux Innovations Server Results (PDF)

More Product Information: AVSystem has presented a Comprehensive IoT Platform for M2M Device Management, Orchestration and Monitoring - Coiote. The platform’s key features include the native support of M2M protocols such as the OMA LWM2M, MQTT and TR-069. This, together with and extended virtualization capabilities, enables the integration of diverse connected devices and simplified deployment and management of new M2M services. Easy coordination of collective device behavior is also possible thanks to dynamic grouping of devices with flexible migration rules. An extensive business intelligence module provides the possibility of pro-active alerting and Big Data analysis, permitting instant detection of any problems occuring in the IoT environment. Additionally, AVSystem has presented an LWM2M client library (C language) prepared specifically for integration with constrained devices.
TestFest Results AVSystem Client Results (PDF)

AVSystem Server Results (PDF)

InterDigital, Inc.

oneM2MTM standard-based platform with LWM2M server and client solutions

More Product Information: InterDigital’s oneMPOWERTM is a secure and scalable horizontal platform that helps businesses launch and manage IoT applications. It features a comprehensive suite of application enabling services that span connectivity, device, data, security, and transaction management. oneMPOWERTM complies with oneM2MTM, the global standard for horizontal IoT platforms. In addition, LWM2M device management has been integrated to provide enhanced service layer capabilities.

oneM2M is a trademark of the Partners Type 1 of oneM2M

Lochbridge IOT Device Management Platform
More Product Information: The Device Management Platform plays a pivotal role within the Lochbridge end-to-end IoT suite. Our solutions span the entire ecosystem from device management to enterprise integration to analytics at-scale. In addition, these solutions support key IoT use cases across industries including automotive, health care and manufacturing, among others.

One key feature of the Device Management Platform is its impressive flexibility, providing secure software update management and remote diagnostics across a plethora of IoT devices. In addition to its flexibility, the platform provides the scalability and reliability to handle billions of IoT transactions. On a technical note, the OSGi based platform implements OMA DM 2.0 and LwM2M 1.0 specification for device management with the Core Gateway handling all major IoT protocols including MQTT, REST, CoAP, DTLS and AMQP with a plug-and-play architecture. Through our participation in the OMA TestFest, we also proved the industry-standard compliance and interoperable nature of our solution.