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File metadata and controls

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Added a Graphite protocol listener. You can now push samples to Newts using Graphite's _plain text protocol.

Added support for hierarchical indexing. When enabled, resources are tagged with

additional attributes that allows the resource tree to be walked.

Added support for storing and retrieving samples in named contexts.


Improved Search API and query parsing with support for AND operators and grouped terms.


Introduced a very simple web interface based on AngularJS. Practical applications of this UI are probably quite limited, nevertheless it should provide a handy means of performing quick resource index searches, or generating simple ad hoc graphs. To give it a try, point your browser at: http://localhost:8080/ui/ (adjusting hostnames and port as needed).

Cassandra protocol compression can now be enabled (defaults to NONE).

Support for HTTP Basic Auth has been added.

The Karaf feature Maven module was renamed from karaf, to newts-karaf. Update any dependencies accordingly.