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OpenNMS is an open-source network monitoring platform that helps you visualize and monitor everything on your local and distributed networks. OpenNMS offers comprehensive fault, performance, and traffic monitoring with alarm generation in one place. Highly customizable and scalable, OpenNMS integrates with your core business applications and workflows.


  • Full inventory management

    Flexible provisioning system provides many ways to interoperate with configuration management systems.

  • Extensive data collection

    Works with many industry-standard data collection protocols with no need to write or maintain third-party plugins: SNMP, JSON, WinRM, XML, SQL, JMX, SFTP, FTP, JDBC, HTTP, HTTPS, VMware, WS-Management, Prometheus.

  • Robust traffic management

    Supports the following flow protocols: (NetFlow v5/v9, IPFIX, sFlow). 300,000+ flows/sec. BGP Monitoring support implementing the OpenBMP standards for BGP messages and metrics. Deep-dive analysis, enterprise reporting.

  • Digital experience monitoring

    Use the OpenNMS Minion to monitor a service’s latency and availability from different perspectives.

  • Robust configuration

    Configure most features through the web UI or XML scripting, including thresholding, provisioning, event and flow management, service monitoring, and performance measurement.

  • Scalability

    Scale through Sentinels for flow persistence, Minions for Flow, BMP, SNMP trap, and Syslog ingest, and embedded ActiveMQ to Kafka message brokers.

  • Enterprise reporting and visualization

    Customizable dashboards that you can export as a PDF. Resource graphs, database reports, charts. Define and customize complex layered topologies to integrate topology maps into your service problem management workflow.

Install OpenNMS

For details on installing OpenNMS, see Install OpenNMS.

TL;DR - If you just want to set up a simple non-production evaluation of OpenNMS Horizon on Linux, some basic install scripts are available at opennms-forge/opennms-install

Build OpenNMS

For details on how to build OpenNMS, see Build OpenNMS from source.