@RangerRick RangerRick released this Sep 8, 2017 · 156 commits to develop since this release

Assets 2

Bug Fixes

  • browser: fix error when using the dev .js file in a browser (ee7d22a)
  • cli: only attempt to read the configuration file if it exists (2339c6d)
  • dao: handle single-entry array responses (6c66be6)
  • rest: fix axios include handling (e461831)
  • rest: fix handling of XML data in node (70fd445)
  • rest: generate a node version with webpack (58d2938)
  • v2: consider the server type when comparing the version numbers (e2c03ee)
  • v2: fix handling of 204 codes (a352ea8)
  • v2: remove the implicit wildcards (4940010)


  • alarms: expose the sticky and journal memos (adbcb3a)
  • dao: add alarm ack/unack/escalate/clear support (f44f8d7)
  • rest: add PUT support (b50d99e)
  • v2: add support for nested restrictions with boolean operators (09cd705)
  • v2: add support for the v2 api (eb1b165)