@RangerRick RangerRick released this Sep 8, 2017 · 63 commits to develop since this release

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This is the first official release of OpenNMS.js.

OpenNMS.js currently supports a subset of the OpenNMS ReST API:

  • query alarms, events, and nodes (including complex queries against OpenNMS Horizon 21+ and Meridian 2017+)
  • acknowledge, escalate, and clear alarms
  • create, update, and close trouble tickets against an alarm
  • create, update, and delete alarm sticky memos
  • create, update, and delete alarm journal memos

Changes since 1.0.0-beta.1

Bug Fixes

  • api: add missing modules to API export (53fad98)
  • api: add workaround for Error init + clean up docs (6f7a4ab)
  • dao: Map troubleTicketState properly (JS-24) (86fc298)
  • dao: URL-encode FIQL values (NMS-9578) (9a335e8)
  • rest: Do not reset headers when headers defined (2f360fd)
  • rest: Do not set responseType on request (0c2b6f4)
  • rest: Use err.data.response if exists as message (4875b9c)
  • rest: use negative offset for dates to work around a server issue (abdfc0b)


  • alarms: expose a link to the alarm details page (HELM-55) (8795818)
  • api: add metadata call to detect ticketer config support (bf0255b)
  • api: Include ticketer configuration. JS-17 (2728734)
  • dao: Add capability to fetch values from alarm v2 endpoint (JS-22) (637443f)
  • dao: Add more complex null value handling for v2 (JS-20) (7817b4a)
  • dao: add user parameter to unack (JS-19) (90c128d)
  • dao: expose the event label and locations (HELM-13) (3395039)
  • dao: Include troubleTicketLink if defined (JS-23) (7420218)
  • dao: support dates in query parameters (JS-15) (d9884b6)
  • internal: add utility methods for dealing with dates (c40450b)
  • rest: Improve OnmsError object and GrafanaHttp error handling (72d6e32)
  • rest: only parse requests on success (JS-13) (aa9257d)