@RangerRick RangerRick released this Sep 8, 2017 · 101 commits to develop since this release

Assets 2

Bug Fixes

  • api: fix comparator matching (6897389)
  • api: handle Meridian properly in useJson (740cdf1)
  • dao: fix handling of 204s in Grafana - the data is null (55028cb)
  • js-10: Handle single alarm (xml) result properly (544c174)
  • js-12: Make breakpoints work (13fb9ae)
  • log: bump logging of missing count down to DEBUG (00b3e1b)
  • rest: fix clonedeep import in the CLI (e2e9d79)
  • rest: fix crash when options is undefined in getServer (7768b48)
  • rest: make sure passed options don't leak (9b9dee4)
  • rest: only set up global if it exists (eg, Node.js, not browser) (7a1b2c3
  • rest: webpack still needs to fake global for browsers (8f7fa5a)


  • alarms: add support for manipulating journal and sticky memos (875e268)
  • alarms: implement ticket create/update/close (93ff386)
  • api: add "ISNULL" alias to comparator (3a243a5)
  • api: consider 202 a successful HTTP response (d21e5e1)
  • api: static method for matching a comparator (df90751)
  • cli: add --version, also a warning about passwords (1c07be9)
  • cli: make a cli bundle in dist/ (02298d7)
  • dao: add alarm setTTicketId/setTTicketState (bb429f6)
  • dao: add ReSTv2 support to event and node DAOs (c524493)
  • dao: implement querying ReSTv2 search properties (a588325)
  • dao: Include comparators and values (JS-11) (9ad41d2)
  • dao: use JSON against modern (19+) OpenNMS instead of XML (c17db2c)
  • rest: add POST support (d3af9e2)
  • rest: return a useful OnmsResult on error (094399c)