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@RangerRick RangerRick released this Sep 30, 2019 · 0 commits to 30b2a9a838bef0b63fde34c7db4fcc7852a8b3ce since this release

OpenNMS.js 2.0 adds a few new APIs, contains a ton of refactoring and build system updates, and has a number of breaking changes.

Notable Changes:

  • updated CLI libraries to fix/improve table output
  • better, faster build system to improve generated code
  • improved handling of authentication in HTTP implementations
  • support for HEAD requests has been added to the HTTP implementations
  • a number of metadata objects (notably OnmsServer) support .equals() for comparison now
  • property caching on v2 API calls is fixed when interacting with multiple servers/DAOs
  • filter API now supports orderBy and order (and the alarms CLI list command supports it)
  • HTTP parameters in OnmsHTTPOptions can now have multiple values -- for example a parameter with value [ 1, 2 ] will serialize to &foo=1&foo=2

Breaking Changes:

  • The api/Log module now only exports a single, simplified log object; typescript-logging was overly complicated and not really adding much in the way of value. Use .setDebug(), .setQuiet(), and .setSilent() to change the logging level instead.
  • A number of the TypeScript APIs have been clarified to be explicitly nullable (and/or undefined-able) to make strict null- and type-checking validation pass.
  • PropertiesCache and its associated interface, ISearchPropertyAccessor are gone. This only affects you if you have implemented custom DAOs, which is very unlikely. :)
  • The previously deprecated timeout property in AbstractHTTP (and sub-classes) has been removed. Access the AbstractHTTP.options.timeout property directly.
  • The Client no longer keeps a separate copy of the server object. Instead you should access the http.server sub-property directly.
  • A number of API objects are now immutable/read-only to reduce side-effects: OnmsAuthConfig, OnmsEnum, OnmsError, OnmsHTTPOptions, OnmsResult, OnmsServer, Operator, SearchPropertyType, ServerMetadata, TicketerConfig.
    The OnmsHTTPOptions and OnmsServer objects now have builders (use .newBuilder() to create) rather than constructors with a bunch of arguments.
  • The id property on OnmsServer is no longer generated, it is computed based on the contents of the server object and should be repeatably equal if the contents are equal.
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