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This directory lists available hooks (see documentation) extending OpenNMT capability.


SentencePiece is a sentence level tokenization implemented by Taku Kudo.

To use SentencePiece, you need to install sentencepiece and sentencepiece lua rock: see here for detailed instructions.

Train models using spm_train and simply use it like that:

echo "It is a test-sample" | th tools/tokenize.lua -hook_file hooks/sentencepiece -sentencepiece myspmodel.mpdel -mode aggressive -joiner_annotate

Note that sentencepiece can be combined with regular tokenization - in that case, you do need to train the model on the same tokenization.

Character tokenization

Simple character tokenization model.

echo "It is a test-sample" | th tools/tokenize.lua -hook_file hooks/chartokenization -mode char
I t ▁ i s ▁ a ▁ t e s t - s a m p l e

TreeTagger Part-of-Speech annotation

This hook is interfacing with TreeTagger and provides POS and/or lemma annotation during tokenization.

First start TreeTagger as a REST service using the provided script:

python -u hooks/tree-tagger-server.py -model /TREE-TAGGER-lib-dir/your-language.par -path /TREE-TAGGER-bin-dir/

This runs the REST service on port 3000 of localhost. To see all available options, just type:

python hooks/tree-tagger-server.py -h

Once the REST server is running, you can use it during tokenization as follows:

th tools/tokenize.lua -hook_file hooks.tree-tagger -pos_feature < file