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This app - downloadable from the Google Play Android app-catalogue - lets you take an IBM Domino discussion database with you on your Android device. The content is stored locally on the device, letting you read and participate in the discussion even if there is no network connection. When you do have a network connection, the database replicates new entries from the server to the app, and any entries written by you on the device get replicated to the Domino server. Replication happens in the background on a schedule configured by you. You can configure the app to replicate with multiple discussion databases. The app is developed using the Android SDK. It is a completely native app, using just Java. The Domino Data Service api is used to replicate with IBM Domino. This requires the server to be either release 9+ or it can be release 8.5.3+ with the Extension Library or Upgrade Pack. It also requires the server and discussion database to be configured to allow the use of the Domino Data Service api.

The app is Open Source and Apache License 2.0.

You can read more about the app on


This project is an OpenNTF project, and is available under the Apache License V2.0.   
All other aspects of the project, including contributions, defect reports, discussions, 
feature requests and reviews are subject to the OpenNTF Terms of Use - available at