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IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK
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Welcome to the IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK!

The Social Business Toolkit SDK is a set of libraries and code samples that you use for connecting to the IBM Social Platform. It covers many products like IBM Connections, IBM Notes/Domino, IBM Sametime. It includes support for many authentication mechanisms, as well as comprehensive wrappers for the REST APIs.
The SDK can be run on Java-based application servers such WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal, IBM Domino, and Apache Tomcat.
A built version is distributed on OpenNTF at and on the releases tab 

    This project is an OpenNTF project, and is available under the Apache License V2.0.  
    All other aspects of the project, including contributions, defect reports, discussions, 
    feature requests and reviews are subject to the OpenNTF Terms of Use - available at
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